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The Atlanta Falcons take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 8 of the 2020 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other channels: …

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This NFL’s video is titled Falcons vs. Panthers Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2020 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:14:28, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. WOW! Another miracle!…>!!!! The FALCONS beat a team way above them in the standings!!!! They really should be doing much better than what they have so far.

  2. We can just forget about Justin fields ? and the playoffs Matt does this every year says f the playoffs an forget about trying to replace me the past 3 years we’ve been 7-9 or worse with a terrible draft pick ?????

  3. Best play of the day must have been the false start in the first quarter. You can tell because it’s the only one where the highlights gave us the replay. ?

  4. En el próximo súper bowl debería estar Ñengo flow ya que tiene mejor trayectoria que los que han puesto apoyen talentos

  5. that whole ATL falcons team is overrated i dont rember them seing haveing the ball since Michel Vick was on

  6. Pathetic play calling, Davis has 2 good runs in the 4th and then 3 pass plays..with plenty of time left. Just awful obvious play calling.

  7. The Atlanta Falcons prevailed against the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte!!! So, amazing that Matt Ryan scored a rushing touchdown, that was incredible!!! It's about time that Matt Ryan scores a rushing touchdown in the end zone!!! Plus I also saw Todd Gurley score a touchdown of his own!!! The Atlanta Falcons might finish 10-6 and go to the playoffs if, they finish the season strong!!! I also know that Matt Ryan has a lot of work to do, if the Atlanta Falcons wins a Superbowl Championship in the state of georgia. If the Atlanta Falcons wins the rest of the season they might be going to the playoffs and maybe a Superbowl Championship. As long as Matt Ryan doesn't screw up the Atlanta Falcons will be going to the playoffs and maybe a Superbowl Championship. The Atlanta Falcons will try to win the rest of their games and make the playoffs, if they don't screw up!!! I know that Matt Ryan might be traded after this season is over with!!! Matt Ryan might be a free agent in 2021, if the Atlanta Falcons trades him for another quarterback, if Matt Ryan does indeed get traded. Matt Ryan might be done in Atlanta after this season is over with but we will see in the off season!!! The Atlanta Falcons might be signing or drafting a dual threat quarterback in Atlanta next off season in 2021 when the draft and free agency begins!!! I love Atlanta!!! ATL baby!!! Let's go Falcons!!! Rise up dirty birds!!! I love the Atlanta Falcons!!! How bout them bird's in Atlanta!!!

  8. Man you editors do not believe in replays anymore. Too bad you guys don't care about the quality of the videos just the quantity.

  9. Someone once commented on one of these videos that Joe Buck can't commentate on a game without saying "Pass is Caught!" On every single completed pass play and I haven't been able to watch a game he is commentating the same ever since.

  10. I'm just laughing this season how is anyone taking this seriously? We're gonna have teams like Atlanta in the playoffs where they decide when they wanna show up. ??

  11. Man it sucks seeing the same falcons that faced the patriots in the Superbowl be this bad now smh we need better coaching

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