Watch NFL Julio Jones On if He is the Best Receiver in the League "I Definitely Think I Am" | NFL Press Pass

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This NFL’s video is titled Julio Jones On if He is the Best Receiver in the League "I Definitely Think I Am" | NFL Press Pass and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:05:02, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!



  1. I’ll say it for Julio.Hell Yeah Julio Jones is the Best WR in the League dude have 1st class Act he’s not a Diva like the past top WRs been thro out his 10 season career so far.Hes a Team first WR unlike most WRs in the league that were and are top WRs In this league.Hes the Best and will be a Top 5 in history when all said and done.Im not a Falcons fan but I respect the hell out of player like Julio Jones.

  2. Julio is just as skilled as Hopkins and has just as good of hands, but his size and athleticism is what separates him and makes him the best in the league. Listen how Larry Fitzgerald talks about Julio, says “he is the best receiver I’ve ever seen” and that is from one of the best to ever do it.

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  4. But Yeah Hands Down Julio Is The Best Wide Receiver If You Check On IG People Saying That DHop the Best Which He’s the 2nd or 3rd but They Swear They Know What They Talm Bout On IG (Instagram) They Don’t Know That Julio Have Been Injured So Now The Critics Saying DHop Better Which Is Not and If You Go On Google and Go To NFL Leaders of this Season You’ll See Julio Is Climbing The Ladder For Receiving Yards Against DHop and Julio If Julio Come Back and Catch DHop Nun Else To Be Said Julio the Best Wide Receiver Until His Great Journey in the NFL Retires????

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