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Matthew Stafford led the Lions to an improbable victory with :00 on the clock. He finished the day with 340 yards and a touchdown. The Detroit Lions take on the …

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This NFL’s video is titled Matthew Stafford Breaks the Falcons Hearts… Again | NFL 2020 Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:16, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Matthew “Clock It” Stafford. That last drive is a testament to the fact that Stafford is virtually unstoppable when given a clean pocket. That arm is still one of the best of all time. People don’t understand that Stafford is one of the all time talents destroyed by the incompetence of the Lions as an organization, top to bottom, a la Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson. Stafford as a talent, in a vacuum, especially playing the position he does, was just about as rare as Barry and CJ.

  2. Lifelong lion fan here, and a big part of me wanted to see him go to the patriots this season. I just want this dude to make the HOF, and get a ring or two. I don’t think the coach we have now has what it takes, I said the same thing about megatron. Why keep killing the greats when the owners know that the fans will come watch even a loosing team so they don’t fork out the money for good players

  3. Crazy that you can’t touch QB’s anymore. That was a clean ass hit on Stafford on 3rd down and the refs took it away which lead to the lions coring. What’s the point of blitzing anymore if every hit on the QB is a penalty ??

  4. I know this isnt an original thought, but I'll restate it anyway. If Stafford played the way he usually does in the 4th quarter in the the 1st quarter, he would be considered elite, and the Lions would have been playoff contenders most of the seasons he was healthy.

  5. Stafford should’ve thrown at least 50 passes against the Atlanta defense. I have no idea why they keep feeding Peterson. Swift should be the main back and they should let Stafford sling it.

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