Watch NFL Mike Davis SHINES w/ 149 Total Yds vs. Falcons | NFL 2020 Highlights

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Mike Davis split duties on the ground and in the air with 89 rushing yards and 60 receiving yards and 1 receiving touchdown. The Carolina Panthers take on the …

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This NFL’s video is titled Mike Davis SHINES w/ 149 Total Yds vs. Falcons | NFL 2020 Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:12, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Atlanta is a dumpster of a team. At least they built that $2 billion Mercedes stadium so they can look good while they’re losing.

  2. Mike Davis is literally just mini CMC. Once Christian comes back the Panthers will have 2 CMCs. RIP opposing defenses

  3. David broke multiple tackles, was incredible on passing plays and even had a few keys blocks when he wasn't the ball carrier.

  4. Dude's been having a hell of a season, the Panthers' run game is gonna be really fun when CMC gets healthy

  5. All y’all trolls who said “mCafFrEy iS the pAntHerS eNtIRe OfFenSe” are quiet now

    Edit: I’m talking about this year not last year, y’all were sayin he’s the only guy we got and he’s gonna “carry” us.

  6. I like how he welcomes contact and runs through defenders. Going to be a great compliment to CMC when he returns.

  7. I know they gonna hate seeing CMC and M. Davis in the line up! We gonna wear out some D-Lines and open up the field even more for our WR!!! Keep Pounding!!!!

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