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  1. Cynthia: The raiders might not get even 21 points up
    Raiders Offense: Comes out and drops 40 on the chiefs

  2. The Raider game was worth this video alone that didn't age well at all. The ppl who hire these clowns must have worked at comedy central when it was funny.

  3. I dont get why they always predict scores that end with 5 or 2. The likelihood of either of those is so low unless youre predicting a score in the 30s or above, which they are rarely bold enough to do.

  4. Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Hawk is the only one to not give a score prediction? Either all do it or none

  5. Chiefs gonna whoop some Raiders ass??Hmmm well that didn’t age well. RAIDERS SMASHED THE CHIEFS 40-32 GO RAIDERS!!!????????

  6. I just love how these dang idiots got owned by their own predictions for the Raiders, and dude on the left was even more of an idiot, saying that we will never beat Mahomes, look what happened, he just jinxed himself. Keep fueling the fire. #RAIDERNATION #YOUJUSTGOTOWNED

  7. Hey "mega experts" where are you now? All three of you b***s pick New England and they're have had lost. What say all of you three now? Ha?

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