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Atlanta RB Brian Hill throws Denver’s Michael Ojemudia to the ground with a nasty stiff arm. The Denver Broncos take on the Atlanta Falcons during Week 9 of …

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This NFL’s video is titled Brian Hill Says Not Today w/ NASTY Stiff Arm and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:26, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


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  2. I'll be back after the game:
    Lock will be sacked 4-5 times!
    Lock will throw 2 pick 6's!
    Lock will only have 79 yards!
    Lock will not have any touchdowns!
    If lock was in denver he would get booed out the stadium!
    Lock won't dance in this game!
    Lock will get a injury!
    Lock will over throw/under throw!
    Lock will fumble 2 times!
    Lock will lose by 25 points!
    The broncos lose!
    Kc wins!
    Raiders lose!
    Chargers win!
    Broncos playoff chances will be zero chance after this loss!
    Time to rebuild!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That was no nasty stiff arm he still made him go out of bound. All I got to say is nice stop! And that was a weak stiff arm see him get back up right after.

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