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Taysom Hill heaves it downfield for Emmanuel Sanders who loses his defender and thankfully is marked down before he coughs it up. The Atlanta Falcons take …

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This NFL’s video is titled Saints Catch a Break on Biggest Play of the Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:55, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Man is taysom hill like a hybrid compared to other white athletes? Because it's like hes a black man trap in a white mans body. Look at his athleticism he runs like a black man lol.

  2. Im a saints fan and that might be the worst deep ball I’ve ever seen. Taysom still got the dub so I don’t care who dat nation??

  3. Deep balls and fumbles…both fixable but Taysom needs to get them figured out quick.

    Amazing how much that offense felt like watching BYUs when Taysom was here.

    Not sure about the play calls to have Kamara trailer direct snaps. RPOs and option plays seem to make way more sense with Hill and Kamara

  4. Yes it was under thrown but i dont see how anyone can deny that taysom killed it today. The first time as a starting quarterback too. Not bad at all if u ask me.

  5. everyone doing analysis on taysom talks about how under thrown this pass is. You can see on the replay that he gets hit in the feet as he's throwing and cant step into the throw like he wants. It wasn't a bad qb throw, just he was hit.

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