Miami Dolphins NFL Cheerleaders Mannequin Challenge

Entertaining mannequin challenge done by the Miami Dolphins NFL Cheerleaders, although you won’t see them dance the floor, they are still visually appealing and the song gets you upbeat.

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6 Sexy Small Waist Exercises for a Minute

What is your best physical asset? Which part of your body you get compliments more? There is a saying “never to judge people”, because all of us has their own best asset. And for women, sexy waist is one of the most attractive physical feature they have or want to have. It is ideal to have […]

Enhance your Butt with these Booty Workout

What is the best asset of your body? It is more often that women’s best asset are they’re butt. Those curvy hips and toned cellulite free booty will be most shown asset this summer. Physically most men admire women with good looking butt than big chest. As such, women workout on this set of feature to […]

Best Fitness Mother’s Day Gift!

This weekend we celebrate a day for a special person of our life – our Mother’s day! It’s a day to be grateful and acknowledge all the love, sacrifice and teachings she gave and will be giving for the rest of our lives. To show our appreciation, we will try to give the best gift […]

10 Moves to go from Fat to Fit

Exercise is one of the best moves you can do to ensure good health. Nowadays there are a lot of exercise routines you can do at home, in the gym or at the park. Fat or Fatness is a body state where you gain or have excessive flesh. It is when your body shape or […]

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Green Bay Packers Ugly Snowy Win Might Push Them to Playoffs

Embed from Getty Images On Sunday The Green Bay Packer had an ugly but hard fought win against the Houston Texas on a snowy afternoon. Regardless of the situation that get the job done and got the win column. This kind of tenacity shows what kind of a team the Green Bay Packers are made […]

Western Michigan Broncos Plays for the Cotton Bowl

Embed from Getty Images I reported over the weekend that the Western Michigan Broncos deserved the Cotton Bowl appearance and a decision will be made by the selection committee. As you remember Western Michigan coach P.J. Fleck was confident of their chances — We deserve to be in the gosh darn Cotton Bowl, period. Write […]

Western Michigan Broncos Watch Party Cotton Bowl

Embed from Getty Images The Western Michigan Broncos 13-0 record is reason enough for coach P.J. Fleck to be hopeful for their inclusion in the Cotton Bowl. The announcement is going to be made on Dec. 4 and as such the Western Michigan University football is going to host the watch party on Sunday, Dec. […]

Navy Heartbreaking loss against Temple

Embed from Getty Images Navy Midshipmen had a terrible and forgettable game and offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper has this to say — Mama said there’d be days like this. This is the first appearance of Navy in the conference title where they got controlled and dominated by Temple from start to finish with a 34-10 […]

Western Michigan Broncos 13-0 Deserve Cotton Bowl

Embed from Getty Images P.J. Fleck with a 13-0 record with the Western Michigan Broncoshas no plans to watch as the rest of college football’s final weekend before bowl season plays out during the next two days. In his mind, he already knows where his team is headed — “It’s a historic day in Western […]

Nick Saban Bold Message for College Football

Embed from Getty Images The Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban have a bold message to College Football You don’t want the Tide They are 13-0 and have won their 3rd straight SEC Championship on a score of 54-16 against the Florida Gators team in Atlanta. What is impressive is that the Alabama Crimson Tide […]

Antonio Brown want to be called his alter Ego Ronald

Antonio Brown probably re-watched Beyonce announcing her alter ego is now Sasha Fierce…

Who Will Replace the Injured Rob Gronkowski?

Belichick knows his TE is not coming back this season except possibly in the Super Bowl

Tom Brady ‘big void’ on loss of Rob Gronkowski

This is bad news for the team as well as fantasy owners because Rob Gronkowski is one of the best if not the best tight end in the NFL right now.

NFL Cheerleaders Week 12

NFL Cheerleaders are working hard as anyone on gameday, these photos should give spotlight to the these energetic, entertaining and sexy cheerleaders for NFL Week 12: Embed from Getty Images HOUSTON, TX – NOVEMBER 27: Houston Texans cheerleaders rev up the crowd during the NFL football game between the San Diego Chargers and Houston Texans […]

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