Watch NFL Marshawn Lynch's Does it Again! Beast Quake 2.0 | Seahawks vs. Cardinals | NFL Highlights

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Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch runs for the longest TD of his career, breaking tackles for 79 yards.

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This NFL’s video is titled Marshawn Lynch's Does it Again! Beast Quake 2.0 | Seahawks vs. Cardinals | NFL Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:26, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. This is arguably a more impressive run than the one against the Saints, but… Since it didn't happen in Seattle (during the playoffs) and since Al Michael's commentary is so rather nonchalant… It's largely been forgotten by all but diehard Seahawk fans. Shame. Lynch was the most exciting RB since Sanders and I dunno if we'll ever see the likes of him again. Especially since the running game is fast becoming obsolete in the modern NFL.

  2. Marshawn Lynch: runs for an amazing touchdown against saints, literally stuffing people down with stiff arms.

    Also marshawn: wanna see me do it again?

  3. Look at lockette clearing house #83 sad how his carrier ended though, that play when he got hurt stopped my heart.

  4. Truly terrible play calling of a great, great play.

    Why do commercial tv networks keep callers around a decade after they were any good? NBA the same.

    No excuse now, as you can see all kinds of talent on Youtube to recruit.

  5. The announcers were way lamer then the original beast quake announcers. Everyone remembers "GET OFF ME, he says to Tracy porter"

  6. Had to watch this again. My Wife and i were in the stands rooting for the Hawks when this happened. What a run! From the sounds of the crowd, there were way more Seahawks fans there than Cardinal fans. What a beast he be!

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