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The New England Patriots came back from a 14-point deficit twice to defeat the Baltimore Ravens and advance to the AFC Championship Game for the fourth …

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  1. These are the games I direct people to when they try to argue Brady is just a system quarterback and not the greatest to ever play the position

  2. How was this game not in the NFL top 100 games? Only time in playoff history a team came back from TWO 14 point deficit.

  3. Tough loss to swallow but man do Harbaugh never disappoint when playing the Patriots. Very "very" few can go toe-to-toe with Belichick.

  4. Funny how when a penalty is called against New England it's ALWAYS A GOOD CALL but when Gronk was getting mugged or a couple other missed calls against Baltimore he says "I like the no call" yet fans cry like the Patriots ALWAYS get the call and NEVER get screwed by the refs

  5. I don’t understand and never will why the Ravens at the end of the game were going deep when they were moving the ball in the Patriots all game. They could’ve used all their time to set up a drive and beat the Patriots. This was the Patriots scariest game other than the Seahawks. They could’ve lost this one if the opposite quarterback was a little smarter

  6. That play batting the ball out of the end zone. Some teams fall asleep on that! Liked 2012 AFC rematch. Ravens top Broncos in best AFC matchups until 2015 Broncos (but Payton out of game)

  7. 7:57 . i watch this game on a scout camping trip and when they batted the ball out of the end zone we all burst into cheers

  8. one of the best games i had ever seen of my patriots in the playoffs. But i wont lie, was anyone else besides me absolutely TERRIFIED with that beauty of a hail Mary by Flacco?! I mean holy jesus

  9. the better games always have lower stakes in the playoffs, that afc championship game against the chiefs was far more exciting as a patriots fan

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