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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco throws for 259 yards with 2 TDs to help his team advance and take on the New England Patriots in Foxborough.

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This NFL’s video is titled Ravens vs. Steelers Wild Card highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:06:51, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Well you could look at it this way. The Ravens were due for a playoff win against the Steelers after losing the previous 3 playoff meetings.

  2. Such a good team that year. Injury after injury and even then only the refs could beat them against the pats… damn shame lee Evans and referee assistance robbed Flacco and sizzle of 2 shots at a Lombardi. The way Flacco throws in the playoffs they might’ve had 3 Lombardi’s in 4 years.?

  3. That’s the last time we took care of Pittsburgh. Since then they’ve owned us. Next year is gonna change though. Ravens taking the North.

  4. I'm a Ravens fan but I must say Roethlisberger is a monster, he played so well this game. I think he deserves hall of fame status.

  5. Tomlins 2nd worst game coaching in post season,AFC championship vs Patriots number one,jags home playofff loss number 3!!

  6. Flacco seemed like he was in a coma half the time except when the Ravens played IN Pittsburgh. He seemed to ratchet his play up on the road against the Steelers (and against the Pats on the road too).

  7. This is my favorite game all time, especially because we finally got a win in the playoffs vs the steelers

  8. As a Ravens fan, I love the Ravens, but I have so much respect for the Steelers, really the whole AFC North no matter the rivalries, best division in the NFL!

  9. Leveon Bell on the sideline at the beginning during a playoff game. ? that is no surprise. He was never healthy in the playoffs. Just a regular season stat guy ?

  10. Raven fan sincen 2008! I remember watching the whole game. I was the happiest guy on earth watching in living room

  11. Bring back Eisen, Deion, Desean, and whoever the hell the other guy is. I don't want to listen to Joe Buck when I watch playoff highlights.

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