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We take a look at middle linebacker Patrick Willis who has become one of the most premier linebackers to ever play for the San Francisco 49ers. He cemented …

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  1. Hall of fame needs consistent criteria. Too often the committee proves they can not be trusted with choosing Hall of Famers. Whatever criteria we decide on needs to allow this man to enter the hall of fame truly one of the best to ever do it

  2. None of you guys who say your 49ers fans but all of a sudden Patrick retired you don't like the 9ers you people aren't niners fan your Patrick Willis fans, now I'm not saying that u don't like him because he's my favorite player of all time but get real people get some faith in your team…..SMH

  3. Most explosive linebacker of all time. He woulda shattered records if he doubled the length of his career. HE NEVER MISSED A TACKLE

  4. Difference between Willis and Bowman, the voice and the spirit….Bowman is a fucking animal, but when it comes to leadership it isn't quite there

  5. Im glad he did the best for his brain he left his footprint nobody should question him in the discussion of the greatest LB ever

  6. damn he made the pro bowl every year except his finale season because it was cut short due to injury.

  7. Peeps talk about Ray Lewis being the ultimate MLB. P Willy was far better on the field. Beyond that P Willy was a class act, on and off the field. Ray,…yeah shoulda gone to jail. Fastest on the field and strongest, what else u want.

    Sum it up this way. In public on the street. Every other LB you avoid, precaution. P Willy your gonna slap his back and he will give you that million dollar smile.

  8. Dude made the pro bowl every year, and he would've every single year he continued to play and stayed healthy. Greatest linebacker of all time. Def a hall of famer.

  9. You got decent players who are defensive captians that hype up the team with speeches and they are good players.. but then you got great players who make everyone around them player better through example. Hopefully we can get a Ruben Foster to become the next P. Will for the 49ers.

  10. He had a lot of problems with his feet. He said he didn't want to play anymore because he couldn't get to the level we expect out of 52. Respect.

  11. dont u just find it so annoying when someone from the other team makes an interception and people on your team don't give the chase down their all out because they know they r gonna touchdown

  12. Been a Niner fan my entire life circa 1976! Patrick Willis is a legend in any circles! PWill most definitely alongside Bryant young should definitely make into the HOF in Canton! For Navarro Bowman (Pic 6 at the Stick) PWill's running mate its only a matter of time! Pwill & Bowman anchored that defense which I consider to be the "most intimidating" & lights out defense the 49ers have ever put together! Not insinuating Jim Harbaugh's defense was better than Kyle Shanahan's; George Seifert's or even Bill Walsh's. All I am saying is that from every position opposing offense's definitely heard footsteps, from every position! #goldhearted!

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