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The AFC Divisional Round showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots turned into a true classic, as these two AFC powerhouses …

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  1. This season officially ended the Brady Manning debate, we got to see a side by side comparison, both played the amazing seahawks defense in the biggest game, manning collapsed, brady came back down 10, and this is nothing against Manning, he will go down a bigger legend then Dan Marino, but Brady will go down a legend at the level of Montana

  2. inb4 butthurt replies about me being a "biased Pats fan"

    While this is indeed a top 5 game, the refs were in the Ravens back pocket in a ton of critical moments, in fact the only thing they did that was right was allowing our legal ineligible subs of which the butthurt Ravens drove all the way to the competition committee to remove because their coach (who Belichick recommended for the job in Baltimore) was too stupid to understand the ineligible positions despite the refs ANNOUNCING VIA THE PA SYSTEM who was ineligible.

    Ravens got a good team, don't get me wrong; they're toughest team to consistently face the Pats in the playoffs over the last 5 years, just personally don't like the characters on their team from Ray Lewis to Bernard Pollard to Suggs and now Harbaugh's tantrums.

    But of course when the Patriots have 1 out of 12 (yes 1, not 11 like the first reports said) footballs deflated by over a pound (a ball which the Colts intercepted and took to their sideline, hmm) we're still "the biggest cheaters in the world" when in fact we aren't at all … Add it to the "tuck rule" cry camp when in fact the Patriots were the first team victimized on the bad side of the tuck rule against the Jets in Week 2 of the 2001 season, and Spygate, which everyone in the NFL knows is something committed by everyone and not illegal until 2006 anyways (funny because the Jets got caught spygating the Pats in the 2006 AFC Divisional Round of the playoffs, no fuss over a PLAYOFF game, but plenty when it came to a week 1 game against the Jets that the Jets had no business even showing up to the field to(.

    All the piled up crap just because we were blessed with an all time great coach perfecting his craft when he got here and hitting the lottery with Brady to form the GOAT QB and coach duo. Sorry, not sorry. The Patriots are World Champs.

  3. The genius in Bill Belichick when they fell behind by 14 points again showed as he changed things up and outsmarted the Ravens. Some forget that the game of football is played from the neck up as well. You really find out how prepared a team is in a game. The Ravens were not prepared for the legal formations by the Patriots.

  4. Let's face it, there were only two teams that would've been a legit threat to beat Green Bay or Seattle in the Super Bowl.  And they both happened to be playing each other in this game right here.  I feel that this was the REAL AFC Championship Game.

    Congratulations Pats.  We'll see you guys again in next year's playoffs.  We WILL be back.

  5. 4:13 NFL Films corrected this error on the Three Games To Glory 4 mix of this recap.   The formation Belichick used had been used by the Lions at Minnesota earlier that year.

  6. As a pats fan I want to thank the Ravens on a great game. In my opinion the Ravens are the biggest threat to the pats this upcoming season with the colts and steelers slightly behind. I think Peyton is done so the Broncos are no longer a threat.

  7. One of the greatest games I've witnessed in my life, ravens and patriots arguably have the best rivalry in the nfl. Every time these two teams play in the playoffs it is an instant classic

  8. This was a amazing game, I remember watching this and that throw Joe Flacco did at the end that ended up getting intercepted was really dumb of him to do. He had a lot of time on the clock, but it's all good I'm just glad the Patriots went in to beat the Colts in the AFC Championship game and then the Seahawks Super Bowl.

  9. I remember the day. My cable went out, there was snow on the ground in PA. I went to Target to buy a basic cable antenna to watch this game. The Pats go down by 14 twice. I'm thinking damn both times – starting to feel that hopelessness. Then they come back. This game, and the 2014/15 NFL playoffs and Super Bowl are in my opinion the best NFL post season I have ever watched. From Andrew Luck beating the Broncos, to 'Did Dez Catch it?,' to Seattle's comeback victory over Green Bay, to the very end of Super Bowl 49. That was a magical time in the NFL.

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