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Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is voted the 77th-best player in the NFL by his peers on “Top 100 Players of 2015.” Subscribe to NFL: …

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  1. Hey guys, you gotta give Matty Ice some credit. The Falcons offensive line needs to step up because Matt doesn't have enough time to throw the ball. Quarterbacks like Big Ben, or Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers, they all got the time they need to put the ball in the right spot. Also, in 2015, Falcons defense was the worst in the league. So, for Matt Ryan to even be in the top 100 is a really big accomplishment considering what he is working with. You guys gotta cut him some slack. GO FALCONS NATION. RISE UP FALCONS!!

  2. Looking back at these comments and seeing "he just needs an o line" makes me smile because now he finally does and he's probably the best QB in the league right now

  3. Matt now has all the tools around him that he needs to allow his instincts and talent to carry the team. There never should've been any doubt about his ability, because he has the stats and wins in this League to make him a top shelf, elite QB. All the pieces are in place right now, and their offense is dominating virtually everybody they play. The D has got to step up now for them to compete in post season.

  4. See what happens when you give him a center in Alex Mack this season. And he was playing with 1st/2nd/3rd string center by the midseason in 2014. And had to adjust to Shanahan new scheme from last season. Now on his way to MVP in 2016.

  5. I admit last season he struggled, but it isn't essentially all of his fault. Freeman was injured throughout half the season, new coach for the first time, and plus the oline/defense was beyond awful. I am glad we made some huge improvements during the off season and I still stick with my QB and look what happens. He bounced back with a much better Oline – Alex Mack ( All pro center) and Mohamed Sanu, Austin Hooper, + Taylor Gabriel. And now he is in contention for MVP and he has even a higher passing rating than T.Brady. Matt Ryan is a beast, but you just got to give him time in the pocket and he will make you pay.

  6. list is called "Top 100 NFL players of 2017" first words of the video are "although Matt Ryans performance over the last 2 seasons influenced his plce on the countdown" and that's why this list is bullshit.

  7. The interaction he had with those kids was amazing. These athletes have the ability to make someone's day and it's cool when they acknowledge that. Legitimately just gained a lot more respect for the guy seeing that

  8. They just hate him. Always has i guess since he don't have a ring. Smh. He's my qb forever. Facts

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