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Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Marshal Yanda is voted the 79th-best player in the NFL by his peers on “Top 100 Players of 2015.”

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This NFL’s video is titled #79 Marshal Yanda (G, Ravens) | Top 100 Players of 2015 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:08, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. This is some injustice man, I know he's on the o-line so he won't get as much attention but he's probably the best at his position and is only #79

  2. Do you guys know what that dead skin on his foot is called, if it even has a term for it? Every time I play football or track I get it

  3. This guy is highly undermined because he is not only a lineman but an interior lineman. If I had a list he would be in the top 20 guaranteed. And not to be rude or anything but he proved this year that being an interior lineman means just as much as exterior and with hard work and determination you can be worth more than a exterior lineman. This guy is and was the lineman of the year if you look at his stats and he played way better than last year and he falls like 29 ranks WTF? And on top of that the number 1 center is in the 80s? I bet you there will be like 8 to 12 outside lineman. If you don't think any type of lineman deserves to be on this list you strongly mistaken to because they are not only the strongest players on the team but they give the offensive side time. P.S. I am not a Ravens fan I am actually a Hawks fan.

  4. Underrated like hell. He is dominant at guard and can kick out and play tackle with the best when called upon. He mauls in the run game and gets up field to block multiple players on the same play frequently. He is the reason why Forsett led the NFL in YPC and 20+Rushes. His pass pro is excellent and he has a mean streak. Best lineman in the game. Give your LTs all the love you want because they "Protect the Quarterback's Blindside", but Yanda does it all.

  5. I hate the ravens but man they robbed Yanda….dude is a beast. other NFL players make the votes though so i'm not surprised only the flashy positions are voted top

  6. Coming from a jets fan, marshall yanda is the best lineman in the league but you could make the argument for joe thomas. What morons put tyrom smith and trent williams over him

  7. Now that I look back at the footage, this guy is for sure the best lineman, technically not to great at run blocking, but he basically is the best in the NFL, because of his field awareness, recognition, timing and technique(lacks force and push). No argument for his pass protection, hands down the best Pass Pro RG, if not Guard in total.

  8. Man ever sine Marshall retired I panicked and ask myself who's going to block for our MVP front runner Lamar Jackson! But much respect for Marshall and his decision of retirement but one thing is for sure is he the best Guard in the City of Baltimore never forget u Yanda as a True Raven!

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