Watch NFL Ravens-Redskins scuffle – 2015 NFL Preseason Week 3

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Two players, including Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith, were ejected from the game after several Ravens and Redskins players got into a scuffle.

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This NFL’s video is titled Ravens-Redskins scuffle – 2015 NFL Preseason Week 3 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:00, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Where in the rule book is this "pile driver" rule? NFL linebackers don't get paid to protect people's health. They get paid to put people on the ground. I highly doubt that the tackle was designed to break his neck, he could feel that the offensive player wasn't going down so he adjusted his tackle. He didn't lead with his head or aim for the knees. What's dirty about doing your job? And do people really think the preseason is supposed to be half speed? People are fighting for roster spots and ultimately the survival of their NFL careers. If you wanna see NFL players playing a fun, easy, polite game where nobody's going to get hurt, watch the pro bowl

  2. I'm gonna sit here and defend my favorite team (everybody does anyway) when suggs made that hit on Bradford everybody was crying about how it was legal but when Robinson ufc piledrives Aikman or whatever his name is people wanna cry wolf about how it's illegal I swear Baltimore fans are a bunch a big babies, sorry bastards, and fucking hypocrites I know the Redskins ain't that good but at least half our players didn't get suspended over the course year fucking hypocrites

  3. All these Ravens fans up in arms but they okay when a Ravens player makes a cheap shot (Sav Rocca) … Ravens fans, grow up and stop with your double standards ?

  4. And Keenan Robinson (#52) was NOT thrown out? He should have been flagged for unnecessary roughness for that pile-drive tackle and tossed (that tackle would have negated a fumble even if the whistle had not blown).

  5. Literally none of this is the Ravens wrongdoing. Dirty hit by the Redskins, punches thrown by the Redskins defender on Steve Smith Sr. Why he was ejected I have no idea.

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