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Derek Carr hits rookie WR Amari Cooper for a deep 68-yard touchdown play against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2. Subscribe to the NFL YouTube channel to …

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This NFL’s video is titled Amari Cooper Goes Deep for 68-Yard TD | Ravens vs. Raiders | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:50, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Boy… i haven't seen jimmy smith burned that badly since 2012. Pre-injury, jimmy was rated as a top 5 corner last season via PFF so… yeah. This amari cooper kid is something else. He'll be a pro bowler in no time… heck, his talent screams all pro to me. He just needs to cut out the drops and boom, the raiders will end up having a superstar on their hands.

    He's the best route runner in the league right now. Yeah, i said it.

  2. RAIDER NATION 4 LIFE…there is only one nation and that nation wears silver and black everyone else calling there teams fan base a nation are just immitators and want to be like us becouse they know the RAIDER NATION is the best and most loyal fan base in all of sports

  3. Best part of this? I think it was after this TD where he talked to Derek. He was all serious after his first TD in the NFL saying "i won't drop one ball again in this game"-
    Thats freakin huge… he is so down to the earth non diva like… sky is the limit for him and Derek.

  4. The CB is with him until he makes the out-cut at which point he is WIDE open. He takes a slight inward step, and then cuts out hard off the plant foot. It is true what they say about his "route-running". The kid can just get open. #RaiderNation #DONTSLEEP

  5. I don't understand this, Jimmy smith shuts down a healthy Megatron, Jordy Nelson, Dem Thomas, Julio Jones and Antonio Brown but gets burned by a rookie ( a good one though)

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