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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis made a career out of demoralizing his opponents on the field, both physically and verbally. Check out the best sound …

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This NFL’s video is titled Top 50 Sound FX | #50: The Best of Ray Lewis | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:02:05, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. By Far the best ILB to ever play the game. Not for his Rings, or for his play on the field, but instead for his work ethic, and how hard he played the game, and most importantly, how he made everyone around him so much better. He promoted more Defensive Coaches, and got more Defensive Players huge paydays than anyone who has ever played the game. I could name you 50 guys who signed big contracts because they were motivated by and played with Ray Lewis. He is the GOAT.

  2. Out of the many things that made Ray Lewis the best defender of his era was that he could back up his relentless trash talk any given day, he was just that great at his position, especially in his prime.

  3. You can't hurt this I'm a machine jerk you carry my jock!! Yo this man was energy filled maniac on the field that instilled fear into all of his opponents!! My favorite football player of all time period!!! How could you not love Ray lewis

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