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Justin Tucker kicked a 47-yard field goal as time expired, and the Baltimore Ravens rallied from a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter to beat the bumbling St.

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  1. The Rams are just dysfunctional right now. The offence is worthless. We desperately need decent o-linemen and a new coordinator. Greg Robinson seems like an epic bust and the all we have is garbage offence. We´re just hoping for a couple of miracle runs from Gurley and a huge end around by Austin. Passing game is non existent.

  2. I love my ravens god definitely didn't bless us this year man crazy but next year we coming back harder and healthier

  3. MAN i'm a ravens fan and i'm mad because we lost Joe flacco Justin forsett And Steve Smith plus flacco is gone this season and steve smith is retiring to.LAST terrel suggs is gone our defense leader

  4. Shoutout to the other Rams fans out there. We don't know what it feels like going over .500 anymore. Fisher and Zuerlein needs to go!!!

  5. Look Fisher, if your qbs' stink why dont you Run Gurley. I will guarantee you that Gurley will punch in some yards/TDs.

  6. Go ahead haters and hate Flacco. I DOUBT Rothlisberger would do that because he says to his mommy he broke his leg when he bruises it. Flacco is a SB MVP, a warrior, and an elite. If he isn't elite, tell me. Tell me why. People who say that probably like the Titans or Browns but guess what? 3-7, 2-8. We could beat Cleveland next week too when they're dumb enough to start Johnny Meathead.

  7. Shit. Flacco's injury can be a career ending one, especially when it's an ACL AND MCL. Whatever. At least he'll be on the couch watching my Ravens lose to Cleveland Monday Night. Get well soon, Wacco.

  8. Why was Keenum left in the game the guy couldn't get up and was staggering. He obviously needed to go through concussion protocol…Even that bum Nick Foles could see it on the side line, he started getting warmed up, seriously there are several people to blame for him continuing to play…

  9. Jeff Fisher does not give a shit about his players getting injured or concussed and he should be fired for that reason, if I were the Rams' GM or owner I'd be extremely concerned.

  10. Love to see the Ravens suck that's Karma coming back at you.  Just think they had a 14 point lead and about 10 minutes left and they were going to the SB last year.  Well that's that see you in 10 years

  11. Ravens are already focused on next year…were going to get a high draft pick combined with all the players returning from injuries and we'll be back to playoff form don't worry

  12. This is the only place I can find a clip of Joe hurting his ACL. Raven fans still blame Hurst for this injury… smh.

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