Watch NFL Cam Newton & Panthers Look Unstoppable vs. Falcons | NFL 1st Half Highlights

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Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers jump out to a 28 point lead versus divisional foe, Atlanta Falcons in the first half of their Week 14 game. Subscribe to the …

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This NFL’s video is titled Cam Newton & Panthers Look Unstoppable vs. Falcons | NFL 1st Half Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:02:08, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. It's time for the Falcons to start over new qb new head coach..Both of the rookies play the panthers better than the falcons (Marcus, Jamies) and there team nowhere better than the falcons

  2. People don't like cam newton because nobody ever expected newton to have this much success in the nfl or progress like he's had. he basically got drafted with a first round pick because of his BCS win/year at auburn and people had bust written all over him, and now that he's in his 5th season and playing better then ever all the haters have left to say is he can't lead his team to the superbowl but if you ask me i think this is the year he wins his first mvp and leads his team to the superbowl and wins the vote for the madden 17 cover #KEEPPOUNDING13-0 #CAMFORMVP #3STRAIGHTNFCTITLES #SUPERBOWLRUN #SUPERBOWLCHAMPS #Dabonthemfolks #CarolinaNation #ONLYBANDWAGONSINSEATTLE

  3. ? hating on the panthers best all around football team watch the game not yt videos see them break a def down and dismantle a off it's legit if you know the game.

  4. That last pass (1:55) was absolute perfection.

    Barely (by inches) beating 3 levels of defense on a sidearm throw with extremely high velocity from an odd angle…for a TOUCHDOWN. Reread how ridiculous that sentence sounds. Yet it just happened. Amazing.

    I'm officially proclaiming that the Carolina Panthers are winning it all this year. 12/14/2015.

  5. It's pathetic how charlotte is trying to insult another black man (cam), this time, about his kid.

    I visited charlotte before and it is an institutionalized racist city towards black men.

    When whites, especially, white boys, see black men in public, whites either cross the street, walk extremely fast, or hurriedly or their heads down to avoid black men presence.

    And when white boys are besides black men, white boys will make some gesture, like take a deep breath and breathe hard or stump their feet hard.

    Charlotte is one of the most racist cities I've ever visited but it's influenced by the white racist who resides and with there from South Carolina.

    I heard as soon as the season is over, Cam immediately goes back to Atlanta.

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