Watch NFL Joe Flacco's 70-Yard TD Pass to Jacoby Jones | 2012 NFL Divisional Round Highlights

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Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco launches a huge pass to WR Jacoby Jones who some makes his way by the Denver Broncos defender to score 6. Subscribe to …

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This NFL’s video is titled Joe Flacco's 70-Yard TD Pass to Jacoby Jones | 2012 NFL Divisional Round Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:58, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. No, if you watch the replay, Jacoby lures the safety in by pausing the route, and then goes the length of Joe's arm. It was just beautiful. It was NOT a Mile High Miracle but more so "The F-Bomb" and it went Ba-BOOM!!!
    For all you Flacco haters out there. Go look up where he ranks on 4th Qtr comebacks. Also, as a die hard Raven fan I can't tell you how many times he drove us down the field to take the lead late an our #1 D just disappeared and we lost. He'd be MUCH higher on that list. Joe did earn the nickname Joe "Cool". He is cool under pressure. The only thing he lacks is a good OC.

  2. All these comments talking about how Joe Flacco turning into Tom Brady in the playoffs is cool, but this is primarily a AWFUL play on the ball more than anything

  3. I can't believe that Joe Flacco is known as, one of the "Worst Quarterback" who ever one the superbowl. When he threw a Hail Mary and one the MVP award.

  4. This play pisses me off so bad. That stupid stupid safety allowed a touchdown when everyone knows your suppose to play soft and make them eat clock. He ruined peytons legacy smfh

  5. Titled: When Your Professional Football Team Inexplicably Plays Defense Like Bad High School Players.

    If you watch the replay from behind Flacco you can see he had WR up the middle of the field in the exact same position. Both safeties stuck in place like they're in cement. It's not just that BAL scored here, it's that they scored easily with DEN looking like literal clowns who've never played football before. Like they've never seen a deep ball thrown in their entire worthless pathetic lives. This is actually a great marker for when football officially died. This is garbage. 3-pointers from 7-footers with .5 seconds left is garbage. Baseball's lighter baseballs is garbage. Screw everything modern. And screw this stupid low-light.

  6. People talk about rahim moore but lets give props to Joe Playoff Rainman Flacco because that play almost didnt happen if he didnt now the defender was rushing from the right

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