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Media’s Elliot Harrison ranks the five best players to suit up for the Baltimore Ravens. Subscribe to NFL: 1. Ray Lewis (LB) 2. Ed Reed (S) 3.

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  1. Dislikes must be from Steelers and Browns fans. Steelers fans, cause the Ravens have owned them quite a few times. Browns, it's more complicated, but even I wonder if guys like Ogden, Lewis and Reed would have been successful playing in Cleveland as they did in Baltimore.

  2. That SB run was something. But Flacco does not belong as a "Top 5" Raven of all time. Jamal Lewis? Haloti Ngata? Todd Heap? Ray Rice? Sure.

    Flacco wasn't consistently good enough to TOP 5 Raven, ever.

  3. Flacco may not have the best regular season stats when compared to other players drafted around the same time as him but in the playoffs he was always a beast. He took us to 3 AFC championships one of those with him as a rookie. Plus holds every franchise record at the QB position for Baltimore. He doesn’t deserve this massive disrespect he gets from fans I really hope he goes to Denver and has a career year and wins another ring even though I’m a huge Ravens fan I don’t agree with letting him go still think he should have started in the playoffs just to see if he had it in him Lamar wasn’t ready for playoff atmosphere.

  4. Here's my list of the 10 greatest Baltimore Ravens of all time.
    1. Ray Lewis
    2. Ed Reed
    3. Jonathan Ogden
    4. Terrell Suggs
    5. Marshal Yanda
    6. Haloti Ngata
    7. Joe Flacco
    8. Jamal Lewis
    9. Chris McAlister
    10. C.J. Mosley

  5. New top 5
    1 Ray Lewis
    2 Es Reed
    3 Jonathan Ogden
    4 Terrel Sugs
    5 Marshal Yanda
    All hall of fame players, once Lamar is done he will probably be number 1 or 2 on the list

  6. Jamal Lewis was on the 2000Super Bowl team had a 100 yard game in the super bowl, he was the ravens offense for about 5 years and had a 2,000 yard season on year

  7. Joe Flacco, now everything else that you will ever say in a lifetime is it relevant. As much as I appreciate and love Joe Flacco he is not top 5. Not even in the discussion. Marshal Yanda yes, haloti nhata could even be in the discussion but you fart oh no

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