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FlashbackFridays | At #45 of the top 100 greatest NFL players, we highlight, arguably, the greatest tight end to ever play the game, Tony Gonzalez! Keep up with …

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This NFL’s video is titled #45: Tony Gonzalez | The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players (2010) | #FlashbackFridays and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:04:03, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!



  1. a great player and a class guy but i think harold carmichael was a better te. he did not have great numbers like tony g because he played on sucky teams.

  2. Stop comparing Tony to Gronk. The only TE who could possibly compare to Tony is Shannon Sharpe.

  3. The only place you won't find delusional millenial Pats fans is a video of Morten Andersen highlights because they're too stupid and ignorant to give a damn about who's the greatest Field Goal Kicker of all time. Otherwise you'd see them there trolling with "Adam Vinateri is the Goat not this guy who I never even heard of cause he's not in Madden 23". Every other damn postion its no Brady's the Goat, no Gronk's the Goat, no Randy Moss is the Goat, etc. You wanna know why everybody hates the Patriots more than any other team in football? Look in the mirror and you'll see what we all see: stupid, uneducated, SOFT, fantasy football obsessed, loud, and disrepectfull NERDS who still to this day I bet my life haven't actually played Football themselves. I started at 10 in Pop Warner Football all the way through high school. Have ya'll even touched a football because Madden doesn't count.

  4. All future Tight Ends no matter what level should study him. Old reliable. Hands down greatest Tight End to ever play.

  5. The best TE ever! There is no debate. Right next to him are: Shannon, Ditka, Mackey, Witten, Winslow, Newsome… Gronk is NOT in the same category. His production is suffered because of the heath so much

  6. Tony is the greatest to ever do it! Better blocker than any tight end, caught EVERYTHING. Extremely consistent. His yards and other stats are extremely good especially for the time he played. Tight ends are much different than back then, really they are just receivers now.

  7. As a Raiders fan you have to admire greatness even if it's a team you can't stand. This man is a legend!

  8. Tony was great and he had all the numbers but I always remember Antonio being more dynamic during that time

  9. Imagine what Tony G would have done with mahomes under center. Kelce is amazing, but man Tony would have monster numbers.

  10. It’s amazing how tony never slowed down. He broke every record as a chief and then decided to go Pete rose on the nfl and dominate while “old” when he was a falcon. His numbers were the same as his prime when he retired. Only sharpe and Gonzalez can say that.

  11. One player they keep forgetting to mention is Todd Christensen. He was a tight end who helped change the game as much as any of the others.

  12. Tony Gonzalez is still the best TE who ever played and I'm not a Chiefs or Falcons fan. Gronkowski's career numbers are nowhere near Tony's and Gronk had Tom Brady throwing him the ball his whole career. Tony had Matt Ryan in the latter part of his career but he's no Brady

  13. Could you imagine his numbers if he had someone like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady for even half of his career

  14. lmao I'm tired of hearing "TE X transformed the position" if as many people transformed the position as they say the position is just in flux constantly

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