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NFL Films & Amazon Original Series ground-breaking show, “All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals,” Premieres on Prime Video on July 1st!

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This NFL’s video is titled All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals (Trailer) | Amazon Original Series | NFL Films and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:46, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!



  1. cardinals have been the most underated team in the NFL….BUT not no more, they are rising! alot of ppl will hate because its not theyr team its a,competitive sport including the fan nations, but trash talk is expected. theyr a good team and i give them that for sure

  2. Carson Palmer has one of the most interesting careers of anyone selected #1 overall, but I hope Palmer and Rivers win one before they hang up the cleats.

  3. Never really paid much attention to the Arizona Cardinals before, being a UK fan following the league, too much coverage and air time is spent on "wow factor" teams. Having said that, I don't think you can get more "wow" in your life than this. I hadn't prepared myself for the absolute rollercoaster of a ride I was about to embark on as this popped up. "Give this a cheeky ten minutes" turned into back to back episodes spanning the best few days of my life as I was catapulted through more emotions than a full keyboard of emojis. Carson Palmer throws one touchdown and i'm absolutely celebrating my t*ts off as if i've won the Lombardi Trophy myself, the next moment i'm sobbing with Michael Bidwill over a dog that I've never even petted. I'm a 22 year old male and this made me feel like i'd been put through a window… of emotion, some I didn't even know I could feel. Im now suffering from withdrawal symptoms spending the last few days on amazon considering blowing my entire student loan on a full set of Arizona Cardinal gear and a plane ticket to Arizona in an attempt to relive the "glory days" of this season. I fear things will never be the same again as i'm forced to leave my bedroom and tell people that "No I haven't actually died, i've only witnessed the greatest team on earth trying to make a dream become a reality". I haven't seen daylight in a while, havent slept, i've probably failed my midterms, but to Carson, BA, Fitz, Michael, David Johnson and the rest of the Cards, i'll never forget you, i'll never forget the time we shared, thanks to you I now bleed red, RISE UP RED SEA!!

  4. Absolutely worst football video I've ever watched
    Every second word coming out of the coache's mouth is "F- ck this and F-ck that. I was trying to watch this with my son who is a Arizona fan. What garbage! We watched "Friday Night Lights" and no swearing at all.The director should have caught this pouty mouth and deleted it.

  5. I'm a cardinals fan. Die hard. And I can't watch this series. It's too painful. I really wanted this squad to win a ring. No future cardinals team will ever be the same. It's heartbreaking.

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