Chris Bosh New Medication Should Allow him to Play

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It has been two years since Chris Bosh has been diagnosed with a blood clot and since then the Miami Heat medical team has not cleared him to play in fear of his health which also ultimately threatened his career.

Even with this medical findings, Chris Bosh insisted he wants to play but the Miami heat organization think otherwise. The disagreement between Chris and the Heat have created a huge riff between them to the point that Chris looked for assistance from the player union to intervene.

Because of the blood clot, Bosh is taking blood thinners which makes it more dangerous for him to go back to playing because any physical blow to his body can cause severe bleeding.

According to Bosh a new medicine gives him a window of 8-12 hours of playtime which could fit in the schedule of his NBA games including practice time.

But even if he stays on the thinners, Bosh has tried to convince the Heat to allow him to play while taking a new medication that would be out of his system in 8 to 12 hours, or by game-time, thus lessening or eliminating the inherent risks of playing a contact sport while on thinners. As we reported last month, the Heat rejected that idea late this past season, angering Bosh. And it’s unclear if Miami would be receptive to that now.

From where we stand Bosh is on a time leash for this health and the Heat’s franchise. There is no long-term plan for this but rather a short-term activity of being able to play in the NBA and get some quality minutes off Bosh. Bosh last played on February of 2016 which means if he doesn’t go back to court because of health reasons, 1 year from now on February 2017 his salary will be off the books and can be used for the team’s salary cap. If he does return and suffer another blood clot then the team will have to wait another year that his salary would not be accounted on the salary cap.

From a Heat organization standpoint, Bosh number of years is down to probably 1 to 2 more years, they would rather keep him health, pay his salary due and get the team to look forward to another era.

For Bosh, there is nothing to prove here, get health, stay health, it is what it is.

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