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In honor of #FreeGameFridays the NFL presents the 2012 AFC Divisional Playoff game between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. 00:00 – Start 3:02 T.

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This NFL’s video is titled Flacco's Hail Mary | Ravens vs. Broncos 2012 AFC Divisional Playoffs | NFL Full Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:42:23, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 3:02 T. Holliday 90-yard Punt Return for a TD

    8:43 Flacco 59-yard TD Pass to T. Smith

    11:53 Manning Picked and Returned for a TD

    22:11 Manning 15-yard TD Pass to B. Stokley

    41:28 Manning 14-yard TD Pass K. Moreno

    51:50 Broncos Convert 4th and one

    58:05 Flacco 32-yard TD Pass to T. Smith

    1:01:29 T. Holliday 104-yard Kickoff Return for a TD

    1:08:46 Flacco Fumbles and K. Brooking Recovers

    1:29:35 Manning Sack-Stripped by D. McPhee

    1:34:21 Ray Rice 1-yard TD Run

    1:48:29 Manning 17-yard TD Pass to D. Thomas

    1:56:49 Broncos Stop Ravens on 4th and five

    2:03:23 Flacco 70-yard TD Pass to J. Jones

    2:18:16 V. Miller Sacks Flacco

    2:34:26 Manning Picked Off by C. Graham

    2:38:58 J. Tucker Makes 47-yard Field Goal to Win

  2. Does anyone thing this was the REAL Super Bowl? I do. Denver would have in the game-groove more than for this game, and I think they would have been fine against New England and San Francisco.

  3. "Flacco's Hail Mary" is something of a misnomer. He moved and looked left to draw the defense to that side, turned, saw an open receiver, threw a perfect strike and hit him in stride for a touchdown. When I think "Hail Mary" I think Doug Flutie or Roger Staubach heaving the ball the length of the field into a crowd and hoping for the best.

  4. The refs in this game came under a lot of scrutiny for their calls, but the biggest possible missed call may have come at 55:05. It looks like Suggs hits Hester well before the ball gets there. If that penalty is called, the Broncos get a first down and chance for a touchdown or field goal. However, instead, Prater missed the field goal and the Ravens tied it before the half. That's a possible 10 or 14 point swing.

  5. This game in a way mirrors the 2009 NFC Championship game to an extent close the whole game and the nationwide favorite loses because the QB throws back across his body and the ball is Intercepted and they never get it back

  6. I remember it was snowing in Baltimore that night….I had just gotten off work…and me and my buddy, (co worker) were headed home and listening….and heard that epic catch by Jacoby Jones….we were yelling like banshees….lol…too much fun….it was great.

  7. THIS was the game that was so unfair for Peyton Manning. With all the hogwash about how he has not excelled in the playoffs, he had a great game here, and the Broncos had this won. The defense completely blew it for him, and they would have easily won the Super Bowl, and Peyton would have had 3 rings to silence all doubters about his legacy.

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