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Derek Carr takes charge and leads his Raiders to a game-clinching TD drive vs. the Ravens! The Oakland Raiders take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 4 …

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This NFL’s video is titled Derek Carr Leads Raiders Game-Winning Drive | Raiders vs. Ravens | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:42, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Great game Ravens. You played hard against us. Hmmm hope to possibly see you guys again in the playoffs!

  2. never been this happy since 2001 raiders — sigh*  heartache after heartache – year after year – Hopefully I see them in the playoffs this year at least

  3. Watch the Oline this whole video. They are living up to the hype. This O is ridiculous. If the D can clear up some things i see the Raiders going deep into January. #RN4L

  4. I'm 18 years old, for those 18 years after 2002 I've never been part of a winning NFL team because I'm a raiders fan, times are changing now and boy has it paid off, what a time to be a raider fan

  5. Derek Carr is far from good. He just throws short easy screen passes or 4 yard passes. He isn't that accurate throwing long passes or tight passes

  6. Derek Carr has the 4th quarter focus of Tom Brady, the deep tear-drop pass of Matt Ryan/Jeff Blake, and the slinging power of Aaron Rodgers.

    He may not have the best of each, but he's going to lead the Raiders to better places sooner rather than later. Coming from a Patriots fan, who respects them as a very scary team to face come postseason.

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