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Dak Prescott has certainly caught the attention of Cowboy fans, rivals and bandwagon people with his on field dominance game after game. We just cannot get enough of Dak and even the camera follow him through off the field catching him cleaning up his own trash.

On Sunday’s win against the Baltimore Ravens the TV cameras were focused on him on the bench as he was drinking a cup of water. His brilliance on the field seemed off after he missed throwing the cup on the garbage behind him and instead of forgetting about it, he stood up and threw it properly. In this professional sport players especially the likes of Dak are surrounded with helpers all around him that he didn’t have to lift a finger to get a drink.

What seemed to be a basic behavior is not something you see even for regular guys, trash is left on cinemas, on the roads, drivers opening up their window to kick something out the road.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has this to say — “He’s a neat freak, I’d say that’s a positive story about Dak.”

Superstar attitude has not taken over this kid and we just hope he would continue with his humble and overall great person attitude as he climb up the stars.

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