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Fantasy Football Week 13 Start Sit Advice

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Week 13 is going to be crucial for NFL Fantasy Owners because most of the leagues this is the end of the regular season and playoff will begin. While I have clinched the playoffs two weeks back, some fantasy team owners need Week 13 to make it to the playoffs.

Start the Following QB Players for NFL Week 13

Colin Kaepernick has surprisingly delivered the fantasy points and on Week 12 he even scored 39.5 fantasy points. His ability to pass and rush gives him a lot of options to pile up the points. In their game against the Miami Dolphins, Colin completed 29 of 46 passes for a total of 296 yards, had three touchdowns, and added 113 rushing yards on 10 carries. He will go up against the Chicago Bears who ranks 16th in the NFL in production allowed to opposing quarterbacks and 22nd in rushing yards against QB.

Philip Rivers has been on a 4 week streak of multiple touchdown passes and had a stellar game against a tough Texans defense where he completed 22 of 30 passes for 242 yards. Rivers and the Chargers will be playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have given up 20 passing TDs this season, 9th worst in the NFL.

Rivers fantasy numbers keep on climbing starting at 22.7 on Week 9, 23.04 on Week 10, Week 11 was Bye, he came and scored 25.68 fantasy points in Week 12 in our league.

Andrew Luck is a solid QB and based on injury reports for NFL Week 13 he should be back in form and could score in the mid 20s for fantasy owners. He is still 99% owned and owners should be confident to start him.

Sit the Following QB Players for NFL Week 13

Cam Newton who was the MVP for 2015 season has been disappointing and have only been scoring in the mid 20s to 10s on weekly basis. Fantasy apps has been recommending him in the top 5s but he has been my disappointing pick. I have benched him in favor of Marcus Mariota and the only reason I am starting him this week is because Marcus Mariota is on bye and there are no better QBs in our waiver wire.

Andy Dalton is not going to play in Week 13 because of hamstring injury. While he played in Week 12 he just completed 54 percent of his passes, with just a single touchdown and 14 rushing yards. Andy scored a good high 20s for me in one game but for the last three games he has just been scoring in low 10s.

Start the Following RB Players for NFL Week 13

Mark Ingram has just scored 7.30 points in Week 10 and 9 points on Week 11, but last week he exploded for 31.20 points with 14 carries for 146 yards and two touchdowns. Ingram has had around 15 touches for the past six games and he will continue to explode in Week 13. Even if Mark Ingram goes against a tough Lions defense, we are trusting Mark Ingram to score productive fantasy points.

Thomas Rawls has just scored 3.8 points in Week 12 but the entire Seattle Seahawks has been disappointing. Expect the team to bounce back and Rawls to score a lot more points.

Sit the Following RB Players for NFL Week 13

Just like Cam Newton, Todd Gurley has been a huge disappointment this season. I think he was even drafted in the first or second round in our fantasy league but he just managed to give in the low 10s for fantasy owners.

Keep Todd Gurley on the bench.

Start the Following WR Players for NFL Week 13

Larry Fitzgerald has been a solid option for the Arizona Cardinals and while he hasn’t had a touchdown since Week 5, expect the Cardinals to keep on passing the ball to Larry. He caught all four of his targets for 53 yards on Sunday against the Atlanta Hawks. He should have a strong performance against the Washington Redskins who ranks 7th for the least production allowed to opposing wide receivers.

Doug Baldwin is still the primary wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks and while he had a very bad Week 12 only scoring 6.9 fantasy points, it was his first game that Baldwin didn’t go for 85+ yards and the whole team didn’t play well. He is expected to come back for Week 13.

Davante Adams is going to have a strong game especially when Randall Cobb is not performing due to hamstring injury. Davante Adams scored 26.8 points in Week 12 and could still score a lot of fantasy points in Week 13.

Sit the Following WR Players for NFL Week 13

Randall Cobb hamstring injury has not helped his performance and in Week 12 he scored a measly 6.1 fantasy point. Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson are top options for Rodgers as such sit Randall Cobb.

Start the Following TE Players for NFL Week 13

Jimmy Graham had a bad Week 12 but so is the rest of the Seattle Seahawks. Like Doug Baldwin, start Jimmy Graham he should be able to provide in the upper 10s or low 20s for Week 13.

Eric Ebron had a very tough Week 12 scoring 0 fantasy points but should rebound against the New Orleans Saints who have allowed two touchdown to TEs in the past four games.

Sit the Following TE Players for NFL Week 13

Jason Witten has had sensational Week 8 by providing the touchdown win for the Cowboys against the Eagles followed by scoring 23.40 fantasy points in Week 9 against the Cleveland. Other than that he has been disappointing. There is no need to put him back to the starting lineup.

Start the Following Kicker Players for NFL Week 13

Adam Vinatieri had a miserable Week 12 scoring only 1 fantasy point but that is due to Andrew Luck injury and the Indiana Colts could not move the ball on offense. With Andrew Luck expected to play in Week 13, Vinatieri should be able to score a lot of points. He still ranks 11th with 8 points per game and has ranked higher prior to Week 12.

Sit the Following Kicker Players for NFL Week 13

Graham Gano has his extra point blocked and has missed two field goals this season. He only scored 2 fantasy points in Week 12 and against the Seahawks tough defense, Graham Gano would not be productive in Week 13.

Start the Following Defense/Special Teams for NFL Week 13

The Pittsburgh Steelers has silently been building up their defense and have been very productive on fantasy points. They have scored 30 fantasy points on Week 11, followed by 14 points on Week 12, and against the struggling New York Giants on Week 13, they should have a strong performance.

Sit the Following Defense/Special Teams for NFL Week 13

Arizona Cardinals started strong early in the season but their production has steadily decline every week. Scoring 13, 9 and 4 fantasy points in the last three weeks is enough to get this team to the bench for Week 13.

Can Dallas Cowboys Rookies Prescott Elliott Deliver the SuperBowl?

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It has been 21 years since the last Super Bowl win of the Dallas Cowboys and since then they hadn’t even made it to the NFC championship game. Their performance after winning their 5th Super Bowl title has been modest and being regarded as one of the most valuable NFL teams mean they need to repay their fans with another streak of winning runs.

The 1995 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl winning coach Barry Switzer has stated that he has now enjoyed watching the Cowboys for the first time in 20 years and has told owner Jones about it —

“I visited with Jerry on the phone. I told him this is the first time in 20 years I’ve enjoyed watching the Cowboys. I watch every darn play now. Those two rookies, they’ve put a lot of excitement into it.’’

The rookies that Switzer is referring to are Running Back Ezekiel Elliott and Quarterback Dak Prescott who have now propelled the Cowboys to a 10-1 record.

Prescott has already passed for 2,835 yards and has 18 touchdowns while Elliott is #1 in rushing with 1,199 yards,

These two rookies have the talent to backup the strong offensive and defensive linemen of the Cowboys and they might not have the experience in years but they will be watched throughout the playoffs and possibly be cheering to see them bring the Super Bowl to Dallas once again.

One of bigger test of the Cowboys will come on the 1st of December when they visit the Minnesota Vikings as the team ranks 2nd in scoring defense and could very well keep these two rookies scoring at a minimum.

Prescott knows this — “It will be one of our better challenges through the year. They’re ranked high in pretty much every category defensively, and the numbers don’t lie. You watch the film, and the stats tell it all. So we’re excited. We know they’re a good team.’’

If the Dallas Cowboys will be seen as Super Bowl contenders the game against the Minnesota will make a strong case for these two rookies.

Kirk Cousins On Target for $20 million Payday

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The Washington Redskins didn’t sign Kirk Cousins this year to a long-term contract extension as General Manager Scot McCloughan doubts his ability to be a premiere QB.

These comments made by Scot earlier this year is gonna be revisited as Kirk Cousins is now on track to being one of the highest paid QBs in the league:

Like I said, it’s part of the business that I don’t like at all, just because you want to take care of your own no matter what. And there’s a reason why you do franchise them, because you respect their talent and their abilities. But the market’s the market, and some teams will do certain things that throw the market off, so then you’ve got to step back and say, ‘Okay, who do we have next year? (Are) there three to five to seven guys that we want to extend prior to the last year of their deal, or do we want to go after one and know we’re going to lose three or four next year?’

“o it’s a fine line, and like I said, it’s tough, but that’s why we do this. It’s the market. The NFL’s a phenomenal, phenomenal entity, and the money’s incredible. But the way I look at it is I want Kirk in a long-term deal, no doubt about it, but also I’m not gonna put our franchise in a situation where we’re gonna lose three or four younger guys that I think are gonna be good football players for one guy. I won’t do it. You know, that’s just how it is.”

Fast forward, Kirk Cousins has now the highest passer rating in the league, had a franchise record of 41 completions in a single game and is second for most passing yards (449). The rest of his stats include 70.1 percent pass completion at 8.4 yards per attempt for a 43:10 TD-to-INT ratio and a sterling 108.8 passer rating in 21 games.

Now the strenght of negotiations is in Kirks’ hands and Scot will have his hands full on the next negotiations. Kirk is likely to lead the Redskins in back to back post-season appearance, first in the last 22 years.

Starting negotiations for Kirk would be around $23 million dollars, a price that Scot should be prepared to pay else he would need to shop around for a new QB and make a few steps backwards.

Tom Brady Doubtful vs Jets Week 12 Fantasy Jeopardized

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Tom Brady is doubtful to play in Sunday’s game vs the Jets as he is nursing a knee injury. He however practiced on Friday for just a few hours as Bill Belichick explained to the reporters the condition of his star quarterback.

Belichick notes: “We’ll list Tom [Brady] on the injury report like we always do, like everybody else. “Is that the answer you were hoping for? … OK, good. I don’t want to disappoint you.”

For Fantasy owners this is not good news as we are nearing the playoffs and teams have drafted Brady on his strong performance the past few weeks.

Dallas Cowboys Defeats Redskins Frustrating for Donte Whitner

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The Dallas Cowboys continue to ride high and have now improved to 10 wins against 1 loss; defeating the Washington Redskins despite Kirk Cousins throwing three touchdowns on the 4th quarter.

Dak Prescott led the offense with two touchdowns to put the Cowboys past the Redskins 31-26.

Redskins safety Donte Whitner says he and the rest of the team is frustrated playing against the Cowboys as Dak seems to have a lot of options for the offense that makes it very hard to predict their next move.

Dak has ability to run the ball and score a touchdown, can pass it off to Ezekiel Elliot who is one the top RBs in the league, or throw it to a health Dez Bryant.

As per Donte Whitner — “They’re very frustrating. You have a lot of quarterbacks in the National Football League that take chances with the football and [you] get the opportunity for interceptions. To put the ball on the ground when you get to them, when you sack them. This quarterback doesn’t do that. … That’s why he’s playing so well. He understands situations, he’s not trying to turn the football over, and he’s taking this opportunity and running with it.”

Even Redskins defensive end Chris Baker has same sentiments:

“[Dak Prescott] showed a lot of poise, made the plays that he was supposed to make whether it was using his feet or making that perfect throw in the corner. He did what he had to do to win the game. That’s why their record is the way they are. They can run with Dak, they can pass with him, give it to [Ezekiel Elliott]. They’re 10-1 for a reason.”

The Dallas Cowboys has found a gem in Dak Prescott and would continue to ride the success and provide lots of frustrations to their opponents.

Cam Newton Week 11 Fantasy Football

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Every Fantasy app and site suggested to start Cam Newton on Week 11 as they are expecting a huge game for last year’s MVP to lead the Carolina Panthers against the New Orleans Saints. Panthers’ receiver Kelvin Benjamin is believed to benefit from Cam Newton on this and would be a target to add fantasy points.

Cam Newton might have led the Panthers against the Saints but his performance is no where near fantasy numbers. He just finished with a little over 15 points on a 14-33 pass completion for 192 yards and a single touch down.

From this point onwards it is time to look elsewhere for QB fantasy points.

Dak Prescott Model Behavior On and Off Field

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Dak Prescott has certainly caught the attention of Cowboy fans, rivals and bandwagon people with his on field dominance game after game. We just cannot get enough of Dak and even the camera follow him through off the field catching him cleaning up his own trash.

On Sunday’s win against the Baltimore Ravens the TV cameras were focused on him on the bench as he was drinking a cup of water. His brilliance on the field seemed off after he missed throwing the cup on the garbage behind him and instead of forgetting about it, he stood up and threw it properly. In this professional sport players especially the likes of Dak are surrounded with helpers all around him that he didn’t have to lift a finger to get a drink.

What seemed to be a basic behavior is not something you see even for regular guys, trash is left on cinemas, on the roads, drivers opening up their window to kick something out the road.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has this to say — “He’s a neat freak, I’d say that’s a positive story about Dak.”

Superstar attitude has not taken over this kid and we just hope he would continue with his humble and overall great person attitude as he climb up the stars.

President Obama on national anthem protest by Colin Kaepernick

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President Barack Obama has his thoughts on the protest of Colin Kaepernick by refusing to stand during national anthems. The President believe it it Colin’s First Amendment rights to refuse to stand.

Watch President Obama’s take on Colin Kaepernick here —

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