Watch NFL Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team | NFL Week 7 Game Preview

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This NFL’s video is titled Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team | NFL Week 7 Game Preview and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:31, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. NFC Least! The best division in the history of the NFL!!!
    Cowboys aka Dallas Dumpster-fire (soon)

    Eagles aka the flying injury bug

    Giants aka showing up smaller than your name

    Washington aka The Name Redacted (Urinating Tree thank you)

    Don’t @ me, I’m just being honest, even without making sense ?

  2. It might be a good thing I won't be able to see this game tomorrow cause of regional coverage being in Houston cause the way we are playing Washington isn't coming in this game scared of us AT ALL.

  3. When Elliott does not convert a 3d and 1by merely inches, and then you see him with absolutely no worries in the world or disappointment… Then you know it's all RIGGED!!! MAYBE HE SHOULD TAKE SOME ACTING CLASSES! ? LOL

  4. Please fire the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys Mike McCarthy run the offense Jerry Jones I bet it's saying all my life no offense of coordinator sucks and so does your defense of coordinator fire him to

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