Watch NFL 2008 AFC Championship: Polamalu Delivers for the Steelers | Ravens vs. Steelers | NFL Full Game

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In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents the 2008 AFC Championship between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. 00:00 – Start 10:28 H.

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This NFL’s video is titled 2008 AFC Championship: Polamalu Delivers for the Steelers | Ravens vs. Steelers | NFL Full Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:10:22, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 10:28 H. Ngata Sacks Big Ben

    12:26 Flacco Picked Off by D. Townsend

    29:54 W. Parker Stripped by Ray Lewis, Ravens Recover

    32:59 Troy Polamalu Leaps Over Line to Stop Flacco on Fourth Down

    36:19 Big Ben 65-yard TD Pass to S. Holmes

    48:23 Flacco Sacked on Third Down in Steeler Territory

    58:00 J. Leonard 45-yard Punt Return

    1:02:21 W. McGahee 3-yard TD Run

    1:20:47 Polamalu Takes Down Flacco for Big Loss

    1:49:38 W. McGahee 1-yard TD Run

    1:59:26 Polamalu Pick Six

    2:08:16 T. Carter Picks Off Flacco to seal game

  2. Was great to re-watch this game of rivalries. Also to see Pittsburgh lay the smack down on the Ravens. Always love this matchup.

  3. Steeler fan who used to live on Long Island, I filled up my car with gas wearing a Polamalu jersey, 1 person shouted"go Steelers!' I watched most of the game at my apt, then walked into a bar in Manhasset literally as Troy picked off Flacco, I think when i shouted yes, most of the tavern had a heart attack, I bought a round of drinks that night, maybe more

  4. i really do hate the ravens, they are cheap-shot artists……..always have been, and they have gotten worse over time

  5. 36:24 Look where Heath Miller is lined up. He is right next to Big Ben anticipating a blitz. His job is to protect Big Ben from the blitz. And yet a few seconds later, this same Heath Miller is all the way down the field blocking for Santonio Holmes, clearing the way for the touchdown. Was that drawn up on the blackboard? I say, no. What an adjustment!

  6. Just gonna skip the replay of Polamalu‘s game-winning interception or the Ryan Clark Willis McGahee big hit? Come on Mr video editor.

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  8. Another chapter for Art Rooney Sr.'s "Greatest Pro Football Team of All-Time! Began with Chuck Knoll drafting Joe Greene in '69 leading to this year's Team winning # 6!

  9. I’m from Baltimore I’m a Steelers fan I’m not from Pittsburgh I decided that would be my Team but my parents are ravens fans I was only 3 years old here I didn’t watch football I wish I did bc my whole family are ravens fans I’m a Steelers it would have been fun

  10. The era of the idiotic rule where you could clearly catch a ball, be in control of the ball enough to reach out with it for the goal line, (a clear football move), and not get credit for making the catch. And Jesse James clearly caught the motherf***ing ball.

  11. 20:10 is a catch and a fumble, the only reason he lost control was cause he was extending to break the plane and it came out when he hit the ground. Bullshit call..

  12. I feel bad for flacco. Bc even though I’m from PA and I’m a massive Steeler fan I still really like Flacco. He’s a good QB and his offensive line just couldn’t get it done for him. Like I said, I’m not talking crap Bc I genuinely like Flacco. He’s a great QB. He definitely deserves recognition for his skills. He’s really slept on.

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