Watch NFL Baltimore Ravens Holding Strategy on Bizarre Final Play! | Bengals vs. Ravens | NFL

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This NFL’s video is titled Baltimore Ravens Holding Strategy on Bizarre Final Play! | Bengals vs. Ravens | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:51, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. This is like playing Donkey Kong in Super Smash Bros and grabbing someone and jumping off the ledge while you have 2 lives and they have 1

  2. ravens shoulda done this in super bowl 47 instead of allow 4 seconds for a kick return by the 49ers

  3. I love how the Baltimore fans didn't even know they just got the win. A total wtf? My favorite smart play in NFL history.

  4. That holding was so obvious Stevie Wonder saw it. Outstanding strategy by the Ravens. It was very Belichickian.

  5. It's funny watching the fans, they all looked lost. I think I even heard boos like they were angry at their team

  6. I like how the Ravens fans were booing their team, only to celebrate when they discovered they won

  7. I remember seeing this live and seeing the dumbfounded look on Marvin Lewis face after he just realized he got out coached.

  8. That play must have been fun for the Ravens linesmen — getting to hold on purpose / not having your coaches get mad about it / frustrating the defensive linesmen you've been battling all game / and getting the win through strategy — all on one play.

  9. if this is considered genius then i guess it turns out sports aren’t really about sportsmanship at all, do whatever it takes to win and bend the rules. remind you of anyone?

  10. This is possibly the most hilarious NFL play I've ever seen. It's almost not even football anymore. More like eight separate wrestling matches all happening on the field at once.

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