Watch NFL Dak Prescott Throws for 301 Yards and 3 TDs! | Ravens vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 11 Player Highlights

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QB Dak Prescott went 27/36 for 301 yards and 3 TDs in the Cowboys Week 11 win over the Ravens. Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial of …

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This NFL’s video is titled Dak Prescott Throws for 301 Yards and 3 TDs! | Ravens vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 11 Player Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:02:47, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. The cowboys are 9-1 for a reason.Ignore the ignorant haters.
    last year people said the same stuff about the panthers
    oh they haven't played anybody
    oh the refs helped
    oh there just lucky
    Bottom line when you are 9-1 in the NFL against other professional athletes you are doing something right!

  2. This just goes to show that it depends on the team that drafts you, not you getting drafted to the team. Jared Goff taken #1 to the LA Rams, a team that was relocating, a head coach with a very inconsistent track record, (BTW he had Sam Bradford, who put up record numbers at Oklahoma and he even had a NFL rookie record. I realize he also had injuries but come on, Jeff Fisher is getting a chance with two franchise QBs and he shouldn't be head coach.) A team with no wide receiver help and a mediocre line.
    Dak Prescott however was taken in the 4th round. He has the best o-line in the league, top 5 receiving corps, a rookie RB with MVP written all over him, a great staff supporting him. Do you see the pattern? Prescott on top of that, is a very motivated and high character guy. Something special is happening in Dallas folks!!

  3. Bullshit aside, Dak is legit, he looks like a 10 year veteran running that offense. every week he is picking apart defensive schemes like he seen them before. if the #1 Defense in the NFL can't stop him, what makes you think the rest will, that's wishful thinking. Cowboys will go to super bowl this year with Dak in command

  4. what makes me sick is that there's ppl that want to see dak fail after all that he's been through he lost his mom due to cancer, makes me sick that ppl wanna see this kid fail smh keep it up dak! I belive in you

  5. Dak can play in the system, go through his progressions and make the reads like he's suppose to. He does his job. He's humble, not focused on his glory, unlike a certain Carson wentz?

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