How can you Build your Body Muscles at Home?

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How can you build your-body muscles at home
Eat right, sleep right! Exercise is a must!
Help build your body build lean muscles by doing exercise even at home.
With that in mind, here are six exercises that will have you building muscle and looking great in no time:
Running or Walking. This is the easiest and simplest form of exercise, at home you move a lot from kitchen to living room, getting up stairs and down or running around the village. These exercises helps you strengthen your muscles on your legs, also a very good routine for cardio. 30 minutes running/walking can go a long way.
Squats. You can do this even while watching TV at home or while playing with your kids. Squats help you build muscles on your gluteus and butt area. You can use some weight for more intense workout. Do at least 25x in the morning and before getting to bed.
Push-ups. Find a flat surface at home and workout those arms. Push-ups helps build and strengthen muscles in your triceps area and midsections of your body. There are so many ways to do pushups and sometimes this routine is use for punishment or form of discipline in military or sports. Try to do at least 10 push-ups or as many as you can.
Crunches. It is also fun to do crunches in bed in the morning or before bed time. Crunches is an abdominal exercise works on midsection area and some part lower body like the hips. The abdominal crunch is a classic core strength exercise. Do some 10x or as many as you can.
Walking lunges. Add spice on your walking routine and do lunges. This exercise helps you build lean muscles on your hips, gluts and legs. There are different ways to do lunges like side lunges (using left and right foot) and classic lunges (front and back lunges). Try at least 20 each side or as many as you can.
Triceps dips. This exercise is a basic body weight that doesn’t require much of equipment. It is easy to tone muscles on your arms from shoulders to your elbows. You can always do them on the ground at least 20x or as many as you can.
Eating the right amount of calories and exercising these routines will jumpstart your muscle building process.
Try to lift progressively and alter your routines sometime.

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