Watch NFL Ben Roethlisberger Leads Epic Game-Winning Drive! | Ravens vs. Steelers | NFL Week 16 Highlights

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This NFL’s video is titled Ben Roethlisberger Leads Epic Game-Winning Drive! | Ravens vs. Steelers | NFL Week 16 Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:02:36, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. I got some really awesome stuff for Christmas but man, that game? Is really up there for being the 2nd greatest gift of all that day; (Obviously the first being Jesus). The entire family went from clutching each others hands, shoulders, elbows whatever, holding our breaths n all crowded around a bigass TV, to running around the house screaming, flailing Towels going "YEEESSSS!!! SUCK IT BIRDS! AHHHHHHH!!!!" Phew, t'was a very Merry Christmas. #Steelerb4during&afterDeath

  2. The way Brown extended himself with 1 guy under him and 2 guys flying into him was one of the most insane things I've seen

  3. I love this drive so much. Big Ben's 2nd best game winning drive next to the one in Super Bowl XLIII.

  4. Great play by Brown but that was his only one of the drive. That comeback was all Big Ben. If not for Big Ben Brown doesn't get the chance. Big Ben is the only QB to lead a last minute winning Super Bowl drive and not win the MVP despite the MVP winner letting a perfect pass go right thru his hands on the next to last play of the drive.

  5. And David Carr does not think he is a top 10 Quarterback?…That comment will go down in history as the most clue less ever to be spoken by a football analyst. Now when I listen to him speak all I hear is blah..blah..blah.

  6. " The NFL YouTube channel is your home for immediate in-game highlights from your favorite teams and players, full NFL games, behind the scenes access and more!: ….. NOT …… all NFL videos have been blocked on this sight ….. NFL you again have proven that you SUCK ASS!

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