Watch NFL Ravens vs. Steelers | C.J. Mosley vs. Le'Veon Bell | Move the Sticks | NFL Week 16 Previews

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Tune in Christmas Day at 4:30 PM ET for the Baltimore Ravens at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial of NFL Game …

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This NFL’s video is titled Ravens vs. Steelers | C.J. Mosley vs. Le'Veon Bell | Move the Sticks | NFL Week 16 Previews and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:46, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Ravens last two losses have come against the two best teams in the league. Steeelers winning streak has come against shitty teams

  2. If we lose to the Steelers we are eliminated if the Steelers lose they still have a chance to still win the division. Ravens have so much to lose at this game than the Steelers because we still have to beat the Bengals. We have nothing to blame but ourselves. There always next year if we lose.

  3. All the NFL has to do is make games available for everybody to see. But they decided to show the most important game of the season on NFL Network which nobody has. Great job NFL.

  4. for all of you who think that the steelers are going to beat the ravens you have another thing coming cause baby were coming in very hot today and the steelers ha e very little chance of beating the ravens. just look at our defense and look at there defense. look at our cj mosley and how he can stop the run against leveon bell like leveon bell is near as tuff as lagaret Blount. just think about how good our defense is. THE STEELERS HAVE NO CHANCE!!!!!!

  5. Before I watched this video I wanted the Ravens to win but after watching this video I'm rooting for a close game.

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