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Highlights from former Lions WR Calvin Johnson’s career-high 329 yards vs. the Cowboys in October of 2013. Subscribe to NFL: Start your …

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This NFL’s video is titled Calvin Johnson Highlights from Career-High 329-Yard Game vs. the Cowboys | NFL Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:18, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. I remember this game like it was yesterday and as a cowboys fan he toasted our DBs in this game…it didn't matter if it was 3 defenders on him he was still going up and catching the ball …this was the most dominating game put on by a receiver that I've watched

  2. Lol I love that the commentator on his catch between 2 people in the 4th literally break character and just said “oh my god” like every fan would, he was so special

  3. This actually really was the most receiving yards in a single (regulation) game ever. Flipper Anderson had a whole nother quarter of overtime to get just a few more yards (which I saw live when it happened back when I was kid. I used to love Jim Everett back in the day when us Detroiters were made to suffer through Eric Hipple and Chuck Long. Everett had an absolute cannon for an arm back when Montana’s touch and finesse was the rule in most of the better passing attacks. Everett rifled the ball so hard it sizzled, and you heard this loud pop when the receiver caught it even over the TV. Was so fun/exciting for a 10 yr old boy to watch).

    HOWEVER—that said, it SHOULD BE known that CALVIN really has the single game record (to go with his single season record; again, only a mere few yards short of 2,000). And Flipper should have an asterisk or somethin next to his game. If Calvin had a full other quarter in this game to stack up more yards like Flipper did….sheeeeet. He’d have gone for 400. Give Anderson the asterisk, damn it all (much as I loved he and Henry Ellard catching those rocket balls from Everett back when. “Zzzzzz, POP”).
    THAT would only be what would truly be fair

  4. im a huge randy moss but Megatron should have retired as the GOAT. in my opinion the only 4 receivers in history that realistically had a chance to break jerrry rices records were Moss, Owens, Fitzgerald, and Calvin.

  5. I watched this game live, and it was almost unreal to watch how helpless the Cowboys were to stop him. The greatest game I've ever watched out of a receiver was Jerry Rice's epic 5 touchdown, 225 yard performance against the Cowboys, and Rice again when he racked up 289 yards and 3 TD's against the Vikings, but this game by Megatron is right up there. I think I also recall Moss having something like 3 catches for 3 TD's and 163 yards against the Cowboys in his rookie season, if I'm not mistaken?

  6. If I was a defender I would be running away from Calvin Johnson, not after him. That dude is so big he could he literally stiff arm me with his index finger.

  7. Truly one of the best receivers of my generation 1997-2020 besides Jerry rice of course with respect he retired in 04 and Randy Moss obviously no WR was so huge and athletically gifted like that

  8. Looking back at this. Calvin Johnson. Was really freaking good. And stafford had a laser for an arm. If Calvin kept playing he would be one of all the time greats

  9. Im just thinking about how davante adams just had a monster 196 yard game, how do you even get over 300 yards in a game. Calvin's the goat. Dont disagree with me because your wrong if you do

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