Watch NFL Every James Conner Play Against Atlanta | Falcons vs. Steelers | Preseason Wk 2 Player Highlights

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Check out Week 2 highlights of Pittsburgh Steelers rookie running back James Conner taking on the Atlanta Falcons during the 2017 NFL Preseason.

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This NFL’s video is titled Every James Conner Play Against Atlanta | Falcons vs. Steelers | Preseason Wk 2 Player Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:06:27, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Why did the NFL give him a video? There is absolutely nothing exciting about a nobody that plays like a nobody.

  2. slow acceleration, indecent foot work, dropped passes due to lack of concentration, runs a bit too high. i like this guy he jist needs to work on his game a bit. hes strong as an oxe tho.

  3. You could clearly see how much it became easier for him once the 3rd and 4th teamers were on the field. Leveon remains the indisputed starter in Pittsburgh.Also the 2 drops of conner seemed concerning however its only the second preseason game so he has still plenty of time to improve his game. Im pretty sure that he will make the team !

  4. Y'all stupid af. You guys already judging this man's career based off his first NFL game. That's why they're called rookies???? Not to mention that he basically averaged 5 yards per carry on 20 touches….

  5. He seemed like he was very stressed out, he dropped 2 easy catches and slipped on a play, which is understandable knowing what he has gone through and the amount of pressure that he faces in the NFL. His run game on the other hand, looked great overall.

  6. 5 yards a carry. Thanks to good blocking because once this guy gets touched he goes down. More impressed with the O-Line than the RB.

  7. I think he has potential, but time and time again he made mistakes that limit him from being a GREAT running back, albeit he can be a good running back at times but his read ability is very directional and he even got hit because of it in the last play. That type of read will get him hurt. He does show really good agility to move and the ability to make players miss at times but his cuts when running downhill could be crisper and faster. He isn't going to be a great receiving back due to lack of discipline for now. There was a couple of plays where he seemed indecisive. His directional read apart from making him vulnerable to hits along with his lack of crisp cuts limited his open field cutback even at obvious times. However, several times he utilized the cutback in the backfield, although that says more of the offensive line than it does about him. He can surprise the defense down the middle if they aren't disciplined but his lack of top speed AND OR read ability keeps him from making bigger plays. The times it looked like he would make a big play can be evidently due to the O-line and blocking although he does show his agility to find little creases. His Pass block is not disciplined at all, he utilized his shoulders to stop the defender but that isn't effect against very skilled linebackers and defensive linemen, he needs to utilize his arms and set his feet better. All in All, he had moments of excitement but for the most part he is undisciplined and requires a little more work. Not saying he sucks but, his production can be seen as a byproduct of relatively good blocking, his circumstantial agility and directional read that worked in the moment, as well as a few bad angles on a few plays. He can become a lot better with the help of a more experienced back and simply more practice. I think without the mistakes he made this game, if he works hard will be a very good running back. It will be interesting how he fares against first team defenses in league in the coming years.


  9. He has potential to be a star in this league. If leveon leaves and James Conner gets starter reps he will probably become a very good running back.

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