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The Washington Redskins take on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1 of the 2017 NFL preseason. Watch Live Preseason Games with NFL Game Pass: …

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This NFL’s video is titled Redskins vs. Ravens | NFL Preseason Week 1 Game Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:45, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. I saw nothing but free agents and low draft pick playing the whole game. Cousins had nobody to throw it to with most of his WR and Reed out of the game. This was nowhere near what Redskins fans should expect in Sept.

  2. I will be very critical at this point, I know its only the first game but my redskins didn't show me anything. we must have forgotten how to tackle, deliver pressure even coverage assist. gruden we must get some better play calling, snider, we need some more talent in the secondary, we are getting burned. I have seen all the pictures on facebook but its all for show. we don't run the ball like we used to its pass pass pass. no offense consins but we need a touch down not 3 and out. I call it how I see it instead of paying high salaries for a complete bust how about make players earn it. offensive line no problem go to the island and get some of those somalian e Honda type motherfuckers to protect the qb defense, cfl ring a bell why do you think Miami was able to get Cameron wake, but no we rather get more of the same bloopers 4 brutal type contact running backs and brutal qb someone who don't mind getting physical

  3. Ravens defense gets older every year while they continue to have no name receivers, no name running backs and Joe Flacco doing his best impression of Trent Dilfer. Only 14 year olds draw anything from preseason. Ravens go 6 – 10. Steelers clinch the division by week 13.

  4. Everyone is saying ravens are going to win division but remember that the 49ers won their first game in the reagular season 28 to 0. Then lost 13 straight. And this is preseason!

  5. Doing a little bit of digging and research I have noticed when Baltimore goes undefeated in preseason they usually go get a nice comfy spot in the playoffs, when they lose the last one or two preseason games they end up bucking the squeelers or the dingles out of a wildcard spot. Retrospectively both seasons they won the rings they went undefeated in preseason. Not saying they will this year but my hopes are there, Offense looking strong with room for improvement and defense looking solid, sorry squeelers fans my Ravens Alway fly high over your aluminum curtain….

  6. Why can't woodrum just start damn I'm tired of Flacco inconsistent play. He only wanna start playing good when it's meaningful. I rather lose with Woodrum at least he don't change his playing mentality at different times

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