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The Cleveland Browns face the Baltimore Ravens in a Week 2 matchup of AFC North rivals. Watch Browns vs. Ravens Sunday, Sept. 17, at 1:00pm EST on CBS …

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This NFL’s video is titled Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens | Week 2 Game Preview | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:02:39, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Coleman burned the Ravens last year and this year he has a much better QB in Kizer, who throws a beautiful deep ball. The Ravens offense is dismal and I think both defenses will keep each other at bay for the majority of the game, however I think a few big plays on both sides of the ball will make it 21-17 Browns for the win. Kizer 2 TDs both to Coleman and a score on defense.

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  3. If the browns Werent in the same division as the ravens the ravens would blow them out everytime The fact that cleveland Is in the same division they know what the ravens bring To the table So Of course there games Are gonna be competitive & close but yet As much as the browns know About my Ravens They still cant beat Us?

  4. Raven fans acting like they got the best defense after playing one of the worse offenses we've seen so far this season. The offense actually looked worse against Houston then they did against Baltimore..

  5. I'm a ravens if the offense can't execute this game will be neck to neck. Late week the browns could of easily beaten the Steelers if it wasn't for that block punt. We can't sleep on the brown their a really good team.

  6. The Browns are better than Cincinnati imho. The Ravens won't shut them out but I don't see Cleveland winning either. Ravens 28 Browns 10.

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