Watch NFL Angry Antonio Brown Tosses Cooler on the Sideline! | Steelers vs. Ravens | NFL Wk 4

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Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown can’t control his frustration off the field against the Baltimore Ravens during Week 4 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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This NFL’s video is titled Angry Antonio Brown Tosses Cooler on the Sideline! | Steelers vs. Ravens | NFL Wk 4 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:49, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. How do you not see Antonio open bro????? even if Bell caught it he wouldn’t have gotten a first down bro?

  2. Real talk this literally shows you the relationship disconnect between Ben and Brown. At the snap Ben eyeballs only the 3 receivers to the right but really only the mid range and low range Bell who he really wanted to go to initially. Only problem is Brown gets wide open for a possible TD pass out of the gate to the left which he chose not to look. It would literally take a rookie, a blind guy or pissed off quarterback to miss that. He likely wanted to make a play with the receivers on the right, maybe based off what could be a previous qualm with Brown on the left. Brown got pissed cause he knows Ben and he knows Ben really sees him open, but doesn't want to see a successful play with someone he argued with on a previous situation. Brown feels it should never hit the field hence the slaughtering of the Gatorade keg. Fyi possible on field justification but maybe a lil more subliminally between the 2 then what was presented.

  3. Just wait until women get allowed in as coaches. There will be so many accusations of violence against women and harassment, it's going to be a shitshow

  4. So brown broke off his route and found an open area, those are the plays that have worked so well in Pitt. Good luck finding similar success behind Oak OL and DC throwing. These situations will surface weekly!

  5. Hay Bell move in with brown he needs some company , he is depressed , because every one knows he is a hack, talks a lot , but at the wrong time he likes people to think he is the smartest player on the field. I got news for you moron you are not even in the top 100!!! And oh Hat bell you never made the top 1000!!

  6. Raiders problem now. Wait until the Raiders realize that an aging AB is going to be even more of a headcase when his body starts to slow down from age.

  7. I just realize during that period of his life he looked EXACTLY like a clone trooper from Star Wars XD

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