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The keys to victory, X-factor, and prediction for the Week 6 matchup between the 1-4 Chicago Bears and the 3-2 Baltimore Ravens. Watch Bears vs. Ravens …

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This NFL’s video is titled Chicago Bears vs. Baltimore Ravens | Week 6 Game Preview | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:50, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Ravens 77-0. Trubisky throws a mind boggling 6 interceptions and takes 8 sacks against the mad ass ravens d-line. 1 by Patrick Onwuasor goes for a pick six. Flacco continues his bounce back with a record 8 passing touchdowns. Alex Collins has a breakout game of 21 car, 208 yds and 2 tds. Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen combined only pile 26 carries for 39 yards.

  2. CHI AT BAL: BAL: 28-0 (0-6)
    CAR AT CHI: CAR: 27- 19 (0-7)
    CHI AT NO: NO: 35-3 (0-8)
    GB AT CHI: GB: 31-17 (0-9)
    DET AT CHI: DET 42-23 (0-10)
    CHI AT PHI: PHI 23-17 (0-11)
    SF AT CHI: TIE 10-10 (0-11-1)
    CHI AT CIN: CIN 30-13 (0-12-1) (Bears had 13-0 lead in 1st.)
    CHI AT DET: DET 42-0 (0-13-1)
    CLE AT CHI: CLE 20-10 (0-14-1)
    CHI AT MIN: MIN 55-27 (0-15-1)
    Bears with a: 1-14-1 record, one win season. ( And that win was caused by cheating refs.)

  3. as a ravens fan I was terrified of the bears matchup as a trap game… and it was. if you thought the ravens were gonna win you must of believed in flacco lmao

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