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Move the Sticks previews the Week 13 game between two teams fighting for a playoff spot, focusing on the matchup between Detroit Lions QB, Matthew Stafford, …

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This NFL’s video is titled Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens | NFL Week 13 Game Preview | Move the Sticks and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:10, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Lions could have a running game,if their idiotic head coach and backwoods offensive coordinator, would utilize the talent of zach zenner. Stafford will have a great game(a) he's on the road(b) he had the worst game of his career on thanksgiving! Lions have the best receiving tandem in the NFL.

  2. Whoever defense play better an make more plays on defense goin to win dis game tbh lion could win dis game if stafford get goin early in the first quarter bt it goin come dwn to the fourth quarter whoever defense play better an make mre plays in the fourth quarter goin to win so I pick lions 27 to 24 or 31 to 28 #golions

  3. I think you guys keep talking about lions giving good comment they were steam in NFL how come you keep talking about clients man they lose when they lose they lose in a row 3 4 5 what kind of team and what kind of team they keep talking about Stanford talking about offense of line defensive line and they keep losing what kind of, do you have now and what kind of analyst you are then you should go work for you go work do carpenter or cleaning something man don't be analysts about football you don't know how you talk about football man you just makes it people believe you but that's b*****

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