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Check out every play from Baltimore Ravens rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson. The Washington Redskins take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 4 of the …

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This NFL’s video is titled Every Lamar Jackson Throw & Run vs. Redskins and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:04:12, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Too many lame ducks. Some of those should be gunned in there. But throwing touch passes everywhere is a sure way to increase your INT rate.

  2. I’ve been following this kid every since the draft combined when the reporters were asking if he was a “running back” lol ? I see why they ask #LamarMVP

  3. Let this man sit for a year like Mahomes and he will live up to the hype. I know he can run but his passing has gotten better and better. really rooting for him

  4. He seems more relaxed in the pocket I like the progress yes he has things to work on but he's headed in the right direction

  5. Now that we have RG3, I personally believe his should be third string , leave Jackson at 2nd string and I'm satisfied all round with all that transpired this off season. This will be a exciting team not boring watching wins either. Best offence every in Ravens history.

  6. Defense will be shook cause they think he gonna run this will open up receivers nlet him play his game don't try to change him

  7. Lamar's true Madden stats.

    Speed: 95
    Acceleration: 89
    Agility: 91
    Throw power: 74
    Tad: 32
    Tas: 70
    Tam: 63
    IQ: 3
    Ability to win awards for no reason *coughHeisman: 99
    Cursing: 99

  8. If someone had all runs passes etc like this of vince young in all pre and reg season nfl game including sped up super fast it needs all the plays vy handed off or they punted or all plays super fast so you can see the context of every vy play he was allowed to be a threat bc he had to hand off too much and he rarely allowed to be in shotgun but you will be SHOCKED HOW GOOF HE WAS CONSISTENTLY ALL CAREER VS HOW DUMB FISHER IS

  9. Jackson is just soaking up that NFL knowledge. Having fun while learning. I feel for defenses if he still has youth once he masters the NFL game. It's going to be off the chain!

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