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Check out Lamar Jackson highlights in Week 13. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Atlanta Falcons during Week 13 of the 2018 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: …

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  1. Everybody keep saying he will get hurt doesn’t realize it’s just hard to even get a hand or good shot on him they forget he’s not just fast but quick and elusive RG3 was just fast

  2. The dude got drafted 32nd in the 1st round, last amongts his qb peers, waited for his shot to LEARN ON THE JOB like the others, making the best of the opportunity. You can criticize the ROOKIE all you want to, this young man is a winner by blood.

  3. Put in as a starter from week 11. He is doing pretty good as a rookie, but if he was making these type of mistakes starting from the beginning of the season then I could understand a little why people say what they say, yet still a rookie y’all. He puts the Ravens in a better winning position then Flacco.

  4. lamar is in the perfect position,  He has the keys to the purple Lamborghini (baltimores defense)  I cant help but notice that the offensive line likes lamar just as much as they do flacco though they seemed to also thrive with rg3 for that break during lamar' concussion protocol.  I have a weird feeling Baltimore will make the playoffs and switch back to flacco (think rob Johnson, doug flutie)

  5. Look at the way the defensive players on the sideline react when he puts the moves on to get a first down. You cannot put Flacco back in; it would absolutely deflate the momentum of the entire squad.

  6. look at that play-action 3:01… ???

    lamar jackson has his foot on the neck of the nfl… he running ability makes him UNSTOPPABLE. opens up the passing game. if he only can see it. just slide lamar, just slide…

  7. The QB position is honestly the last Caucasian male dominated position in football and it's inevitably gonna be taken over at some point. I think the NFL for the most part makes an effort at keeping that position available for white boys and before anyone takes offense white Qbs have been brilliant at that position. Obviously it's more developing black players into rbs wr defensive players ect because we're light years more athletic than our Caucasian counterparts but the lack of extremely quality pocket passing black Qbs is in my opinion more of a concerted effort to keep that position white then it is any lack of Talent on a black players part and so when you see quarterbacks like Lamar who are able to scramble and be so effective in that particular approach to the QB position you'll have white boy screaming from the mountaintops that he's not a quarterback and can't be effective in this league when it's really just masked fear of what is inevitably going to happen in the future

  8. Lamar has the potential be a superstar . Once they tune his footwork and he learns the nuances of reading coverage he’s gonna he dangerous . He’s proven he can make elite nfl throws his problem isn’t accrauct in general it’s just being consistent and part of it is he has incosient mechanics , and he’s still making plays and winning games . Too much hate for this kid when Rosen and Darnold has sub 70 passer ratings and they talk about lamar’s durability but Rosen , darnold, and allen have all been injured already .

  9. I love what Lamar Jackson is bringing to the Ravens, but I wish fans wouldnt trash Flacco so hard. He's been a big part of the team for quite some time now, and has had a pretty poor receiving core ever since the super bowl for the most part. Idk, I'll continue to pay respect to a player who has been with the Ravens for so long.

  10. Entertaining to watch forsure, but with the risk of him being injured and putting your lineman at risk during sweeps..not sure if that's a good long term look in the NFL. Gotta tone it down a little.

  11. While lamar has an arm that will fail him occasionally and leave you scratching your head every now and then, his ability to manipulate the pocket and his mental quickness is incredible for a rookie and a mobile qb who knows he can break big runs like it’s nothing. His ability to sense pressure and take subtle movements and keep the play going without even scrambling, keeping his eyes downfield, looking off defenders, patiently making reads, it looks like a 10 year veteran doing it. It really is so unfortunate that he just throws way off the mark every 7-8 throws because if he didn’t have those ducks, he would be an absolutely incredible qb

  12. Why are y’all asking why he’s being held to a higher standard than other rookie QBs?! Y’all already know the answer why. We go through this every year and will always continue to go through this. No need to say why either. Real recognize real and what’s real doesn’t need to be spoken.

  13. Man this draft class is gonna be big man. Baker and Jackson already proven, Darnold and Rosen eventually will be proven I believe. But Baker and Jackson are this new awesome Russel Wilson breed of QB. And then you got Football Jesus himself (essentially a rookie) Patty Mahomes. The young QBs are ballin' for sho.

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