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It’s all Michael Badgley in the first half as he goes a 4 for 4. The Los Angeles Chargers take on the Baltimore Ravens during Wild Card Weekend of the 2018 NFL …

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This NFL’s video is titled The Money Badger has Taken Over Baltimore and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:41, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Tough game for these teams with great defence, I guess the chargers will battle my pats if they win

  2. Well looks like patriots vs. Chargers next week.
    Never thought I would only see field goal highlights tho

  3. Wonder why so few coaches not black? Rather obvious but do not talk about it. And where are the black architects? And all the free opportunity in school.

  4. That playcalling was terrible even when we were in the game just slants and up the middle Lamar had 0 designed runs , But chargers came to play good ish yall

  5. IT'S NOT LAMAR'S FAULT!!! If the ravens o-line would have played better, if the receivers would have played better, if the coaches would've coached better, if the refs would've officiated better, if the defense would've tackled better, if the fans would've made more noise, and if the chargers defense wouldn't have recovered his turnovers, the ravens would've won that game????

  6. We went through so many kickers, last good one was kaeding but he would choke in the playoffs. Happy we found our kicker for the future.

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