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  1. Calm down everybody I'm disappointed about the Titans lost but are other two losses came from playoff-caliber teams and we're only two names off of 500 in a sorry division watch your mouth

  2. Playing in that building is going to bring back a lot of terrible memories for the Falcons. Maybe Quinn gets fired if they lose there again.

  3. No need to worry Falcon fans …… As long as bill O'Brien is at the helm , falcons have a HUGE advantage in this game .

  4. D. Quinn says, "It's not whether we win or lose, it's about our toughness. I want everyone to know that. When you face adversity, hard metal is tough and that's what's important. We stay together and stay tough. What? No. I don't expect to win. What? Where's Dimitroff?"

  5. D. Quinn says after the game, "This was a tough one. A tough loss. 65-3. I saw some things we can be proud of. Guys competed. We had some first downs. The second half kind of got away from us. What? No. No. They didn't do anything we thought was different. We just didn't make the plays. What? I'm not on the field. I'm on the sideline. You know, behind that line. I don't make the plays. But we'll go back and look at the tape, make the adjustments and get better."

  6. A. Blank after the game says, "What? No. No. Have you seen our building? It's set up for all kinds of events. Everything. What? We evaluate everything. Our soccer team is great and we many things going on. What?"

  7. As a Titans fan, I'd obviously prefer the Falcons win, but truthfully, while it's not impossible for that outcome to occur, I'm sure the Texans will win. Falcons 13, Texans 24.

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  9. Goodness, Falcons are getting taken to the wood shed??? … That's my team …. For better or for worst ???

  10. Ya we got bad defense but still wen they kick it he catch it out of bounce n they still gave it to them at the 30 that was cheating rite if it was at 10 I promise you it wouldn’t be no touch down but ya they give it to them m then wen the pick it n they didn’t even try to stop em

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