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Josh Bynes picks off Jaylen Samuels to set up Mark Ingram’s 4-yard touchdown. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 5 of the …

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  1. I turned off my tv the biased refs are getting ridiculous. A flag every play c’mon. It motivates me to never watch the nfl again.

  2. This team sucks scheme wise,Barron is a liabilty… there will be a few released coaches next year.we also need to draft a QBs with a real arm

  3. EXACTLY why Mike Tomlin is an IDIOT!!! hes the only idiot coach in the NFL who would even think about running the Wildcat Offense on ur OWN 10 YARD LINE!!!! unbelievable

  4. It's becoming difficult to have sustainable confidence in Mike Tomlin when the coaching staff continously digress into morbid play calling particularly in situations that any one who is only a novice can see will result in to easy scores for the opposition ! The trade off of having career position coaches masquerading as coordinators !!! This is the Steelers season ,a loss here with the schedule ahead with division games vs the opposing division teams on the road late into the year as well as games vs the Chargers and Rams a loss here is certainly a crippling blow ! Difficult to overcome with 3 losses already on the ledger !

  5. Tomlins defense has allowed 20 pts in 4 of the 5 games they've played this year !!! This is supposed to be his expertise ??? Constantly allowing the opposition to March down field to either tie or take the lead including this game ! Pitiful ,no exscuses even if they win ,no astute practioner of their craft can be proud to hang their hat on such a horrific coaching pedigree!!

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