Watch NFL Lamar Jackson DOMINATES w/ 4 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights

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Lamar Jackson was absolutely on fire today. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Cincinnati Bengals during Week 10 of the 2019 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: …

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This NFL’s video is titled Lamar Jackson DOMINATES w/ 4 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:04:18, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Let’s just remember Darnold and Mayfield was picked before him and he is by far a better QB than both they have all played the Patriots and guess who was the one that won against them

  2. Vigil experienced Jackson’s elusiveness and speed firsthand. I felt sorry for him, but it had to be done.

    On a side note, it’s amazing how Urban, backyard vernaculars (broken ankles…..) has become standard practice with today’s sports announcers. You gotta respect it!!!

  3. 3rd and 2 Lamar takes off, look at the spin move ,ooh he broke his ankles, and I thought John madden described plays well. That play etched in my mind. Forever. Hometown so proud and happy for Baltimore. Best play of the year for football. Touch down Raven's he is Houdini. 11/15/19

  4. So you think Lamar Jackson is unique or doing something new?

    Go to 00:02:27 in the link above.

    I thought Lamar Jackson was so amazing because if HIS spin move. ? Check out the one I marked above. People act like Mahomes, Jackson and Watson do things Russ has never done. The guy has done it all!

    There’s not a throw, a run or a play that any of them will ever make that Russ hasn’t made. I love LJ, but my guy Russ has never gotten his due, and he’s been doing all of their sh*t for years. I can’t let that ride.

    Every time people “Ooh and aah” over one of their plays I’ll be there with Russ’s receipts.

    And Russ did the sh*t as a true rookie who stole the starting spot from a high-priced free agent QB.

  5. That is the most beautiful spin move I've ever seen. No wasted steps or movement and it didn't even cause him to slow down. It was like the spin move was just a part of his stride.

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