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Josh Allen gets crushed in a pile and loses the football, setting up a Ravens touchdown. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Buffalo Bills during Week 14 of the …

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This NFL’s video is titled Forced Fumbled Sets Up Lamar to Nick Boyle TD and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:10, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Bills fans don't worry everyone saw this coming. You will be out early in the playoffs and that's painfully obvious.

  2. Bills fan here , Lamar is in the "Zone" right now. Confidence through the roof.
    Today is a good measuring stick to see where "WE" the Bills are.

  3. Great job so far Ravens. You guys have a talented team. You guys will go far in the playoffs. Anyway have a great Sunday and God bless. Go Bills!

  4. For some reason I was looking at the Bills jersey instead of the game because that jersey is bright as heck

  5. NFL should consider giving celebration penalties, but only in cases where the performance sucks, with a 3 judge panel scoring the dances.

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